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antonio golden carp
  Antonio is Alienated       (514 2 )
.... For some reason Antonio could see the golden carp even though he was mature mentally. Only kids are supposes to be able to see the golden carp. ....

respectful symbols       (603 2 )
.... Antonio sees the carp for the first time, "then the golden carp came ¦at first I thought I must be dreaming (113). This shows how powerful the carp is. ....

Bless Me Ultima       (763 3 )
.... inter-conflicts. This quotation from chapter 11 is Antonio's description of his first sighting of the golden carp. "The orange of ....

Bless me ultima       (1046 4 )
.... before she cured Pedro Luna, Cico- and the golden carp, and Tony ˜s uncles- when he stayed with them for the summer. In Chapter 10, Antonio's uncle Lucas ....

Bless Me Ultima       (801 3 )
.... situations. Antonio first dreams of his brothers saying they are giants who are dying and have seen the land of the golden carp (61). From ....

Bless Me Ultima Essay       (1348 5 )
.... realization that he doesn't have to choose whether to be a Márez or a Luna, or believe in the God of the church or in the golden carp, Antonio "[takes] the ....

Antonio's Life through his Dreams (Bless Me, Ultima)       (1407 6 )
.... Antonio watches a "priest corrupt an altar with pigeon's blood and Cico degrade the river with the golden carp's blood (Anaya, 258) . ....

Bless me, Ultima       (1056 4 )
.... Florence shows Tony how Ultima, the Golden Carp, and even the old Gods are dying. .... (p.244). Antonio Marez is no longer the innocent Chicano boy he was. ....

The Ceremony       (1847 7 )
.... a relief from reality, and exactly what Antonio needed in his life to take him away from what he is "supposed to believe in. In the golden carp, he learned ....

Bless Me Ultima       (672 3 )
.... Ultima, a book by Rudolfo A. Anaya, is about a young boy named Antonio who comes .... The Golden Carp is a symbol of Tony's uncertainty toward religion and morality ....

Bless Me Ultima       (3136 13 )
.... Catholic church. Tragically, Florence dies just before Antonio and Cico can initiate him into the religion of the golden carp. In this ....

Bless Me Ultima       (341 1 )
.... Antonio would have dreams about his family and his conflict over him. And trying to understand what he saw with the golden carp and how the people believed in ....

Bless Me Ultima       (1784 7 )
.... Antonio was not baptized in the holy water of the moon, but in the salt water of .... in God, his good friend Cico tells him about one of his gods, the Golden Carp. ....

Bless Me Ultima       (535 2 )
.... The golden carp, the pagan god who lives in the river, is in Tony's mind throughout the entire book. .... Ernie is a braggart who habitually teases Antonio. ....

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