Burma War

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The Burma Campaign of WW2 was held in 1942, Burma the country formally known as Myanmar is a country almost the same size and land mass as the state of Texas. ... The only British forces in Burma were British and Indian units known as the Army in Burma. ... The British troops in Burma urgently requested for support as the Japanese quickly inv...


Environment and Politics in Southeast Asia/Burma

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They rebelled against the Burmese monarchy (1883-1886), the British (1886-1915, 1942-1943), the Burmese Republic (1958-1962), the Burmese Communist regime (1962-1988) and the SLORC/SPDC (1988-today). ... Shan villages can be found in Laos, Thailand, and China as well as Burma. ... Opium production in northern Burma boomed....


Beyond Ragnoon

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The film "œBeyond Rangoon," displays the pro-democracy movement that took place in the late 1980s in Burma. ... In hopes to escape the recent tragedy that has destroyed her life, she travels to Burma. ... U Aung Ko is a pro-democracy activists and the Burmese government declares marital law. The Burmese society is best&#...


Suu Kyi Wins Monumental Victory and Seat in Burmese Parliament

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The National League for Democracy celebrated the monumental move that could end with a democratic government in Burma in the near future. ... The United States showed their support for Myanmar at a news conference in Istanbul. ... The military and the party they support will still hold a large majority of the control over Myanmar. ... Western companie...


Shooting an Elephant

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Synopsis of "œShooting an Elephant" George Orwell, 1950 Shooting an Elephant is about the experiences the author goes through living as a British police officer in Lower Burma. ... He was stuck between his hatred for empire, and his contempt for the Burmese. ... He knows that the best thing to do would be to let...



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Orwell, then, has to make the decision to take the elephant out or be humiliated for the remainder of his stay in Burma. ... In Burma during this time the British are and have been oppressing many colonies in southeastern Asia. Burma is no different; and Orwell knowing this all too much is ready to quit his job and depart from Burma a...


High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) in Myanmar

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Having its main market saturated, the management decided to enter the Myanmar (also known as Burma) mobile phone market to improve it\'s sales growth in a last ditch effort to resuscitate the company. ... The economy in Myanmar is slow and is besought with uncertainty. ... First of all, Myanmar is agriculture based. ... Since long ago, Myanm...


Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

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Suu Kyi was born in Yangon, Myanmar, which is now called Rangoon, Burma. ... They kept living as if they were in Burma. ... In her younger years she heard of his achievements in organizing the Burma Independence Army and leading Burma to freedom. ... Her second book Letters from Burma talks about being a human rights activist and being ...



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Another example is on page 81 on the paragraph that continues from page 80 is: "œThe people from Burma had worried of a precious state of passive apprehension where they were "œas water in the cupped hands" of the powers that be... It is possible to compare the situation in Burma to the situation in Brazil to a certain extent.&...


A Hanging

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This story takes place in Burma, India in the 1940"s. Orwell is a warder for a prison in Burma and he tells about his one experience as he prepares and puts a prisoner to death. ...  said a Burmese magistrate, and burst into a loud laugh. ...


A Hanging

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This story takes place in Burma, India in the 1940"s. Orwell is a warder for a prison in Burma and he tells about his one experience as he prepares and puts a prisoner to death. ...  said a Burmese magistrate, and burst into a loud laugh. ...


A Hanging

Word Count: 861Approx Pages: 3

This story takes place in Burma, India in the 1940"s. Orwell is a warder for a prison in Burma and he tells about his one experience as he prepares and puts a prisoner to death. ...  said a Burmese magistrate, and burst into a loud laugh. ...


A Big Fat Target

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A young British police officer in early twentieth century colonial Burma feels forced to act irrationally. He must contend with an excited mob of over two thousand Burmese townspeople who wish him to shoot an escaped elephant, while taking into consideration the loss to the show elephant"s owner along with his own distaste for shooting the great beast,&...


Orwell Elephant

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Orwell, which is the author"s pen name, (his real name is Eric Arthur Blair,) is a police officer in Moulmein, lower Burma and takes place during the rainy season. ... He sympathizes with the oppressed people, secretly feeling that Imperialism is wrong, and yet he is treated poorly by the Burmese, since they perceive him as one o...


George Orwell

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George Orwell has two very conflicting feelings towards the Burmese people throughout his essay. He writes "œI thought that the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest"s guts"(Pg.680), and then he turns around and says "œTheoretically""and secretly, of course""-I was all for...



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In George Orwell"s moral dilemma to sustain his ethics or submit to the will of the Burmese crowd, he is a semblance of British imperialism however his weak wll forces him to shoot the elephant and in turn becomes a symbol of the rebelliousness born from oppression and the commitment to eradicate the British presence. ... In defeating this menace&#...


“Adoniram Judson, His Life and Work”

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Adoniram Judson, American Baptist missionary, lexicographer, and Bible translator to Burma. ... Through all his years in Burma, he had to fight against a lot of things, government officials, unkind tribes, and locals against foreigners. ... Adoniram Judson was perseverant in preaching the gospel, he was patient, he waited six years until the first...


Saki- H.H Munro

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Hector Hugh Munro Munro was born December 18th, 1870 in A kyab, Burma. ... His father was the Inspector General of Police in Burma. ... Munro"s father had arranged a post for him to join the Burma police, but soon he returned to England because of illness. ...


Benefits of memoirs

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He speaks of the constant bitterness and harassment he endured from the predominantly anti-European Burmese citizens. In reading the story, I came to realize that Orwell, in light of all of this, personally agreed with the Burmese people. ... "œI was all for the Burmese and all against their oppressors" (Orwell 350). ... Maybe some&#...


A critique of George Orwells

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A Critique of George Orwells "œA Hanging" George Orwell in the personal essay "œA Hanging" describes his experience as a young man in the British army, stationed at a jail in Burma and he develops the theme of how people can get in a routine, going about their day to day duties and not realize what&...


Vietnam Economy

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Vietnam economy Evaluate the economic performance of one of the ASEAN transitional economies "" Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam "" from 1970 to the present and examine its problems and prospects for reform and transformation. 1. Introduction These four countries Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam that formed the Indochina peninsula&...



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Setting: Time: 1936 Place: Burma, Moulmein Characterization: Name: The man's name is not given. ...


Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell

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"œShooting an Elephant" is an essay by George Orwell. Orwell was born in Motihari, near Nepal, where his father served in the Civil Service. He then lived in Burma where he had a position in the Imperial Police. During the 1920's he wrote this particular essay of his experience. Orwell was inte...


Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell

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\"Shooting an Elephant,\" by George Orwell, is an essay about a British police officer in Burma who is called upon to shoot an elephant that has escaped from its owners cage. ...


my self

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The Author: George Orwell Pictures Contents Biography George Orwell (1903-1950) Orwell was born Eric Hugh Blair in 1903 in Motihari, Bengal, an area in eastern India only about three hundred miles from Burma, where Orwell was to serve twenty years later as a British civil servant. ... Orwell gr...