Motives of a Good Samaritan

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Celia Kitzinger in her 1997 publication Born to Be Good expressed the ideology that we are all born with an innate empathy for others. In her explanation of the 'bystander effect' she describes that in a large group of people, sometimes bystanders will standby and do nothing when witnessin ... Continue Reading

The Bystander Effect

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Research on the bystander effect has produced a great number of studies showing that the presence of other people in a critical situation reduces the likelihood that an individual will help. Two major factors that contribute to the bystander effect involve diffusion of responsibility and the need to ... Continue Reading

Bystander Apahy

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As you wait to cross the street, a blind man is standing in front of you. Without warning, he begins to cross the street even though the light has not changed in his favor. He seems to be in no danger until you see a car about a half mile away speeding towards him. Totally u ... Continue Reading

Bystander Effect

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The Bystander Effect: A shocking Phenomenon In the early morning hours of March 13, 1963, a women named Kitty Genovese was brutally stabbed to death in front of her New York apartment. Her desperate cries for help were heard from blocks away, yet nobody lifted a finger to call for help until ab ... Continue Reading

Effect of bystanders on helping behaviour

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The effect of bystanders on helping behaviour Single measured experiments concerned with helping behaviour were conducted. This experiment was concerned with the effect of bystanders on helping behaviour. Experiments were conducted in a public place within Monash University. Experimenter will dro ... Continue Reading

Considerations of Ethics in Research - Bystander Apathy

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This paper explores the concept and nature of ethics when researching bystander apathy, the social phenomena where individuals observe a crisis situation and yet do not offer assistance. To better understand this occurrence, researchers attempted to observe the reaction of college students ... Continue Reading


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A casual observation of the human life, which involves day-to day interactions with others, asks the question, “Why do people help one another?” To answer this, we must break it down to smaller questions of events that take place during the human day-to-day routine. Why do we give to food bank ... Continue Reading

Media and Psychological Phenemena

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Social psychology phenomena can be seen spread across the media. From the internet to the movie screen; the newscast to the newspaper, phenomena such as fundamental attribution error, self-serving bias, confirmation bias, persuasion, bystander intervention, and cognitive dissonance can be found. In ... Continue Reading

Born to be Good?

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Are we born to be good? We have asked ourselves this question many times over the past few days. We believe like Ms. Kitzinger, that when we are born, we can be either good or bad; however, some social circumstances can influence our behavior. Even though we are nurtured and taugh ... Continue Reading