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The smell of freshly cooked pancakes, bacon and eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice tickles your nose hairs to wake up any that dares to sleep late on Christmas Eve. ... As the children are watching the morning cartoons my parents begin to set up the Christmas Eve present opening. ... These gifts are brought just for the purpose of being ...


Finland Christmas

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Christmas in Finland is not just Christmas Eve and the two days that follow. ... The next main day this year is Christmas Eve. Families eat their main meal on Christmas Eve after visiting the local cemeteries and placing candles on the graves of soldiers and family members. ... In Finland the Christmas tree is set up on Christmas Eve. ... O...



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On Christmas Eve, churches around the world hold evening services. ... On Christmas Eve, Greek children go from house to house knocking on doors and singing Greek songs that tell of the arrival of the Christ child. The family celebration focuses on a Christmas Eve dinner, which, in the Greek Orthodox tradition, follows several weeks of fasting.&#...


Eighteen Days Before Christmas

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In the early days of the Philippines, Christmas Eve was the most special occasion for the Filipinos. There were many traditions that made Christmas very special. Filipinos usually prepare for christmas in a very religious way. They used to go to church straight for eighteen days before Christmas. ... The eighteen days before Christmas&...


Narrative Essay

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Usually when I think about Christmas, I think of happy times with family. This year Christmas was a little different for me. My family has certain traditions on Christmas Eve. ... I not only saw how other families celebrated Christmas Eve; I experienced how another culture celebrated Christmas Eve. ... Christmas is truly a time for j...



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All people in their lives went through the celebration of the Christmas. And today I want to talk about a poem that was written by Jean Reidy "Christmas". ... As I already said we will imagine the Christmas Eve in our heads, but it's just imagination, it is not real. ... About the oppening the Christmas gifts. ... That means Christ...


Mexican Christmas

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However, not until Christmas Eve is the baby Jesus placed into the display for others to view. ... That is the Christmas tree. ... On Christmas Eve, Mexicans go to a late mass then go home for supper where they might have a variety of different foods just like in the United States. ... Christmas Eve is celebrated very late into the night ...


Family Traditions

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On Christmas Eve, my gigantic family that includes my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins-in-laws, and cousin nieces/nephews, met at one of my aunt"s or uncle"s home. ... All in all, there is usually over 50 people in the house on Christmas Eve. ... For example, during the year everyone"s just too busy to get ...


A Close Call

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A CLOSE CALL It was Christmas Eve, supposedly a joyous occasion. ... In my neighborhood there were Christmas lights decorating every house, Christmas carolers singing every weekend, and fires burning in every chimney. This was a sign of Christmas. But not far away there was another neighborhood where there weren"t any&...


The Most Memorable Christmas

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The Most Memorable Christmas A young boy stood motionless in front of a department store"s toy display on Christmas Eve, thinking that if he could get only one of these many wonderful toys, this year would be the best Christmas ever. ... She allowed her young son to eat first, and&#...



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Back then, Christmas was then best day of the year. ... Then when Christmas Eve came I would always try to stay up to hear Santa on the roof, but I never did. ... That was my Christmas as a six year old kid. ... To conclude I have changed ideas about Christmas. ... Christmas is a happy time of year and like Scrooge I found the...


A christmas carol

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A Christmas Carol shows how the Christmas spirit and caring people can change a person and their outlook on life. A Christmas Carol is a secular story of Christmas time in an urban setting (Perdue 141). ... Scrooge despises Christmas. ... Christmas is a time of family. ... It was on Christmas Eve, Scrooge came home as he ...


Scrooge\'s Redemption in A Christmas Carol

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Within the text of Charles Dickens\' \"A Christmas Carol,\" Ebeneezer Scrooge finds redemption, as initiated by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley. Marley, and the three spirits who pay Scrooge an unwelcomed visit on Christmas Eve,are central to Dickens' message regarding London\'s failure to exhibit social responsibi...


Christmas traditions

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The first Christmas tree was then born. The Christmas tree has always been a very valued piece among all of my family"s Christmas traditions. ... Christmas eve was always the most dreadful night; waiting for Christmas day to come. My parents would never let us open our presents on Christmas eve. ... Christmas morning was different&...


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

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" I"ve found myself almost dreading Christmas time. Do not get me wrong Christmas is great. ... Sadly enough Christmas can lead you into depression. ... It has always been a tradition that we go to all the advent Sundays together and then the service on Christmas Eve where the reenact the Christmas story. ... The night of Christmas ...


My Little Prayer To God

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This is how the incident started: It was during Christmas Eve 1997 and I was just got out from St. Patrick"s Cathedral, which is located at 5th Ave, between 50th and 51st St., after attending a seven o"clock Christmas Eve"s mass in there. ... I assumed that most New Yorkers were home and spent their Christmas Eve dinner&#...


Christmas Then and Now

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Through out Christmas Eve, their was a lot of music playing ,laughter, and warmth. ... I really miss Christmas past. ... I really miss Christmas past. ... I still have a Christmas tree and decorations. ... Christmas to me is not about gifts, or a tree it"s about family. ...


My First Guitar

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This was the first time that I couldn"t figure out what I was getting for Christmas. It made Christmas so much more exciting. On Christmas Eve I could barley tame my exciment. I remember staying up late with my brother, who was home from college, on Christmas Eve. ... My Greatest Christmas Present...


Cristmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a story that is rich in metaphors that ultimately questions the morals and ethics of society during the time of his life. ... Ebenezer Scrooge a miserly, cold- hearted creditor, continues his stingy, greedy ways on Christmas Eve. ...



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Christmas in Chile is in the summer, but it is also still on December 25. On Christmas Eve the Chileans attend a midnight mass and they also have a special holiday dinner. ... An alcoholic beverage called monkey"s tail is traditionally made during the Christmas season. Christmas season is more a religious holiday than a commercial one....


Traditions and Me

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Christmas is an amazing time of the year. ... Christmas Eve is always spent at my Uncle Sal and Aunt Carols" house. ... When I was younger, Christmas Eve was huge in my family. ... Instead of everybody dressed up on Christmas Eve partying until midnight, everybody just come over in the most comfortable piece of clothing they can find&...


A Doll

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The play "œA DOLL"S HOUSE", by Henrik Ibsen, is a tragic story about a family during Christmas time. ... The main heroin Nora is decorating the Christmas tree and gathering all the gifts for the Christmas Eve celebration. ...


Tropical Cyclone Tracy

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Tropical Cyclone Tracy passed directly over the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia from midnight on Christmas Eve until 7.00am on Christmas Day on 25 December 1974. ... Approximately 650 people were treated for injuries on Christmas Day, while more than 35,000 people were evacuated in the days that followed. ...


Christmas Peace

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All the soldiers want to do is go home because it is close to Christmas. ... On Christmas Eve there was very little fighting and the most amazing thing began to happen. Soldiers were putting up Christmas trees and decorating them with candles. Some of us made small fires and sang Christmas carols. ... t the same as before Christmas...


The Christmas Blitz

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They are all walking around totally clueless on Christmas Eve, wondering what to get their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers, hoping they will do a better job than last year because sleeping on the couch for two weeks is not very comfortable. ... Many people end up in debt after the Christmas season. ... Even more individuals forget that&#...