School Shootings

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The reputation of U.S. schools have changed for the worst. Schools have become a death trap for whoever may enter. Innocent children are dying everyday by the hands of their careless peers. Thurston, Columbine, and Heath High Schools-just to name a few, have been battlegrounds for both students ... Continue Reading

Making Our Homeland Safer

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I believe guns should be banned from the United States. In many cases, guns are not used to protection, but they for revenge and may take the lives of an innocent human beings. Many accidents leading to death involve guns. In order to avoid incidents of shooting in schools, we all need to take actio ... Continue Reading

Bowling for Columbine

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This film basically examines America’s obsession with guns and violence in the context of the tragedy at Columbine High School. Moore looks at many aspects of American society in the hunt for the reasons why America has such a high rate of gun-related homicides in compa ... Continue Reading

Bowling for Columbine

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Eleven thousand, two hundred and seventeen Americans died last year as a result from guns. Michael Moore explains how high of a number this is compared to other countries around the world and asks the question, why? To capture his audience’s attention he frames the documentary around gun violenc ... Continue Reading

Columbine Killin

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On April 20th, 1999 two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into their school in Columbine Colorado and began a one-hour long killing spree, which ended in the death of 12 of their fellow classmates and one teacher and left another 28 wounded. The shooters then took their own lives. The ... Continue Reading

Video Game Violence

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In the spring of 1998 the Columbine High School massacre gripped the nation in terror and upset parents searched for some sort of tangible meaning as to why the atrocity had been committed. The two suspects had claimed in their manifesto that they enjoyed playing the video game “Doom”, a game th ... Continue Reading

Violent VIdeo Games

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Many years ago children indulged in the simplest forms of entertainment. They derived fun and excitement by playing with such things as jump ropes, bicycles, and swing sets. Now, as time and technology have advanced, our children have quickly been engulfed by new for ... Continue Reading

Zero Tolerance Policy

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April 20, 1999. It was a normal school day, just like every other day. Students were in class studying physics, algebra, and other topics. However, at 11:20 AM Columbine SeniorsDylan Klebold and Eric Harris opened fire in the lunch room and after six hours of pure terror, a reported 25 people were r ... Continue Reading

Stricter Gun Control

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Gun control in this country is not where it should be and it is time the government stepped in and laid out more laws and stricter penalties. The numbers of crimes involving guns are increasing more and more because of how easy it is to have one. The government has the abili ... Continue Reading

Home Vs. Public Schooling

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The studies and research that are available to the public show that home schooling is not disadvantageous in comparison to normal schooling. Many people have argued against home schooling for various reasons', others see no negative outcomes that arise from it. Supporters of hom ... Continue Reading

Bowling for columbine

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“bowling for Columbine”: discussion. There are about 11000 gun deaths every year in the United States. This compares to about a 150 gun deaths in each of the other major countries and states around the world, most of them have got even less then 150 deaths due to gunshots annually. It doesn't t ... Continue Reading

School violence

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Recent incidents of school violence in America’s schools have sent shockwaves across the globe. In the aftermath of each tragedy, everyone has been left to wonder why such an atrocity has taken place. Experts have tried to answer that question, but there appear to be several reasons for escalatin ... Continue Reading

Musica censorship

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It was January 14, 2000 in hot and humid Oakland California the night that 12,00 people, mostly teenagers, descended upon the Oakland Coliseum to see a rap star by the name of Juvenile, along with the Cash Money Millionaires. Anxious kids waited outside in the 100% humidity, and their patience beg ... Continue Reading

Rights To Bear Arms

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Do Americans Have the Right to Bear Arms? It is said by many young Americans that the government is constantly scheming against its people. Although there is really no evidence to proving this theory’s accuracy, young Americans who feel this way have built up a strong argument as to why it mi ... Continue Reading

Teen Violence

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Teen violence has not always been as prevalent in society as it is today. However, teen violence is a serious and rapidly growing problem in America. From the horrible incident that occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado, to the everyday incidents of youth violence, it is a ... Continue Reading

Media Vs. Parental Influence

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People today are affected immensely by media in one form or another, whether they realize it or not. I never really stopped to think about just how much before this class. The lecture where we were given a list of product and company names and asked how many we knew, almost everyone knew all of the ... Continue Reading

School Shootings

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Today, millions of kids will go to school. It is supposedly the safest place our kids can go. But not all of them alawys come back home. Generation Y has learned some very hard lessons, but school shootings are by far the harshest lesson we have all learned. There are so many causes and so many ... Continue Reading

Parents Vs Idols

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Many psychologists believe that the media plays a major role in the development of children. The many different areas of the media have positive and negative effects. For example, TV can portray a strong family atmosphere on their shows and families can watch these shows togeth ... Continue Reading

Teen Violence

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Family, Entertainment, Peer Cliques, Racism or Claim to Fame? Which one was it for the Columbine Massacre? Teen violence runs rampant across our country. Sadly, it happens everywhere. Unfortunately it hit a town in Colorado. The town of Littleton was not ready for America’s most deadly high ... Continue Reading

School Violence

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School violence in America has increased over the past few years. A majority of recent school shootings may be caused by some of our nation’s children because they lack a fundamental understanding of how to solve personal problems in public settings. Instead of talking to someone about what is b ... Continue Reading

Violent Lyrics

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When your children play their favorite songs do you really know what their lyrics mean and/or suggest? Although many kids listen to music explicitly for the words themselves, others have no idea what the songs are really saying. Some believe that music has no effect on our actions or ways of thinkin ... Continue Reading

Columbine High School

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Two years ago on the twentieth of last month at about 5:30 PM, I had just returned home from track practice. I remember getting a glass of kool-aid and going to my room to watch TV. As I flipped through the channels, my attention was caught by a news broadcast on channel 7. ... Continue Reading

Cell phones

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Now a days in the world a huge global issue is cell phones. Many teenagers, most if not all, have cell phones. In school cell phones have been banned, but nobody knows when there will be an emergency. For an example the Columbine High School shooting, students were or would be able to ca ... Continue Reading

Causes of school violence

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“What Causes School Violence? It would be easier for adults to control school violence if there were only one reason why it happens, but there is no one cause.(Kidshealth)” The causes of school violence are complicated and numerous. There are three main causes for school v ... Continue Reading

Music Today

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Music is so much more than just a form of entertainment. For some people the music that they listen to represents who they are. Different people all have different tastes, but pretty much everyone has a favorite type of music. One of the best and worst things about mus ... Continue Reading