Creole Languages

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Creole Languages and their Relevance to Linguistic Theory First of all, before discussing specific features of Creole languages, it is worth to take a closer look at the way children master the language used by their enviroment and parents, so the method of how children learn their na ... Continue Reading

The awakening

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“Perhaps it is better to wake up after all, even to suffer; than to remain a dupe to illusions all one’s life” (“Kate” 1). These words and way of thinking were uncommon and far ahead of this time period. Kate Chopin not only said this quote but meditated ... Continue Reading

Antoinette is Alienated because she is Creole

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Rhys was very interested in how it felt to be alienated and what this had to do with Creole people. Creole are people of European Decent, born in the West Indies. Rhys was born in Dominica. In Wide Sargasso Sea she portrays a connection between her and Antoinette; Both from Creole decent, both socia ... Continue Reading

Samuel Selvon(1923-1994)

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He was born in San Fernando, Trinidad, and was educated at Naparima College, wich is in Trinidad. Graduating in 1938 with a Senior Cambridge Certificate, Selvon subsequently equipped himself for his writing career through professional experience and on-the-job training. ... Continue Reading

Creolist Theory

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Four ideas have surfaced regarding the origins of AAVE. These hypotheses include Africanist, Creolist, English Dialect, and Divergence. Each of these hypotheses has supporting evidence. However, some find the supporting evidence arguable. The Africanist, Creolist, and English D ... Continue Reading

Defaults in the English Language

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English is a continuously changing medium because since its conception, it has always been altered. Unlike animal languages and those of other languages, English is infinite, despite the rules and regulations that aid in its bounding nature. With the rules of combinations and stimulus free result ... Continue Reading

Lonely Londoners

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Born in South Trinidad on 20 May 1923, Samuel Dickson Selvon, the son of an Indian father and a half-Indian, half-Scottish mother, graduated from San Fernando's Naparima College in 1938. Selvon grew up in Trinidad's multiracial society and regards himself as a ... Continue Reading

The Ebonics Controversy

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Ebonics is a topic that has been the center of much controversy since late 1996. In order to understand the controversy, you must first understand what Ebonics is and how it applies to education. You must also understand how Ebonics evolved. ... Continue Reading

Haiti--Religion, Politics And Duvalier

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Thesis: Under the reign of Francois Duvalier, Haiti became synonymous with underdevelopment, corruption, and the mystery of voodoo. C. No conclusive break with past ... Continue Reading