Persuasive essay

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In order to achieve the best custody decisions for children when parents get divorce it should be a law that every child is assigned a court appointed mediator to represent the child during the divorce to help find what the best custody decision for the child is. The court appo ... Continue Reading

Drug Abuse

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The word drug is defined as “any substance other than food that can affect the way your mind and body work.” There are hundreds of different drugs, each with its particular effect on the body's nervous system. For instance, narcotics are a series of drugs that affect the mind, causing mental cha ... Continue Reading

Drug Effects on the Brain

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One of the largest domestic problems around the world is habitual drug use. Many people use drugs and are not aware of the effects they have on the brain. Even drugs that many teens use such as alcohol and marijuana have effects on the brains neurotransmitters. There are also many other drugs th ... Continue Reading

Marijuana Is A Harmful Drug

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Marijuana is an extremely harmful drug in which affects people’s lives in drastic ways. The view on this drug is sometimes being perceived as positive, rather than negative. This relates to the reasoning in which people think marijuana is a harmless drug. ... Continue Reading

Alcohol Use in Society Today

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In our society today, alcohol use among teenagers is increasing steadily and causing major problems everywhere. Alcohol use in our society is thought of as a minor thing. It is seen as something everyone does. Teenagers across the nation today not only accept alcohol, but also view it as almost mand ... Continue Reading

Social Learning

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Most human behaviors are learned through the process of observing others forms of how behaviors are performed and perceived, this in the future serves as a guide for our own actions. This Social Learning Theory, also known as social process, has thorough ... Continue Reading

A solution to adhd

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A Solution to ADHD Attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is classified as a syndrome, not a disease that affects children, adolescents, and adults. The difference between a disease and a syndrome is that a disease can be detected in the body through medi ... Continue Reading

Electronic Euphoria

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In the early 1990’s a devastating virus swept the nation. T.V. sets were gleaming in every household, with both a constricting, and addicting disease. video games had taken over all childhood pass times, and in less time than any disease could have ever spread. Children could no longer be found ... Continue Reading


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Narcotics are depressant drugs, they are mostly made from a plant that produces the drug opium, the plant is called a poppy. This drug is highly addictive and it causes both physical and emotional dependancy. The use of narcotics can cause poor coordination and slow reflexes, loss of con ... Continue Reading

Anna's Story

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Why do we have to read a story about a dead girl? What makes her so important that she needs to be known by so many? Anna Wood’s story, compiled by friends and family was a message to the rest of the population. The story’s main issue on drug abuse amongst teenagers sparked cer ... Continue Reading

The Awakenings

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Recently I watched a fascinating movie which related psychology and experimental drug usage. The movie was quite long, and had a variety of high points and low points. A few main aspects were touched on and could be related directly to my class and the information we have ... Continue Reading

Cognitive-Behavior Modifications in a Case of Impulsivity/Ove

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The practice model that was chosen for this paper was taken from one of the many cases that have been handled by workers at Emotional Health Services Outpatient Treatment Facility, my field practicuum agency. My field agency offers a wide range of quality professional services to he ... Continue Reading

Girl, Interrupted by Susan Kaysen

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Susan Kaysen's autobiographical novel "Girl, Interrupted", is a story based on her struggles with a personality disorder and her time spent in the women's psychiatric ward at McLean Hospital. According to Myers (2007), a personality disorder is “a psychological disorder characterized by inflexib ... Continue Reading

Internet Addiction

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Richard Davis believes that people are not addicted to the internet, however some exhibit pathological behaviors so he believes a better term for over use of the internet is pathological internet use. He does use the term internet addiction for the sake of simplicity. ... Continue Reading

Overprescribing Ritalin

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Why do children seem to be excessively hyper at school and home? Some say it is because they have a disease or disorder labeled as ADHD or ADD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) are generally characterized by abnormal levels of hyperactivity, inatte ... Continue Reading