Wind Power

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“They’re farming a different crop in Wyoming County these days—the wind. Atop a hill in this little town – population 729 – are 10 windmills that are expected to produce enough electricity each year to provide power for 1,700 homes. It’s not hard to see what this piece of the future lo ... Continue Reading

industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution gave a drastic change on the economy in production, jobs, transportation, and growth. The Industrial Revolution was a dramatic change on production in which machinery took over the use of tools, and energy sources as well as human and animal ... Continue Reading

Industrial Revolution

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The American Industrial Revolution during the second half of the 19th century was a phenomenon of rapid industrial growth increased wealth. There were several reasons for this historic era. These included a labor force, resources, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial ability. ... Continue Reading

The Potential of Solar Energy

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Alternative energy sources are the way of the future. As the demands on limited natural resources continue, people are increasingly turning to renewable, alternative energy sources. Often more noble in theory than practical in application, breakthroughs may soon lead to alternative energy sources. ... Continue Reading

Feeding Time

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Some may think “Is anything so mundane, predictable, and ordinary as feeding horses?” The steward goes out twice a day- maybe three if schedules allow- and dole out the hay, probably some grain, freshen the water, and look to see that the salt block hasn’t melted away in the la ... Continue Reading

Carb article critique

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The article “Get Your Carbs Here” comes from the magazine Runner’s World. It basically discusses why you need quick energy while exercising and gives some basic examples on how to get it. It talks about sports drinks, energy gels, energy bars, and fruits. Each source has its pros and cons. ... Continue Reading


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Muscles keep our skeleton in place. Without muscles we would not be able to keep ourselves upright, and moving would be impossible. Men are genetically endowed with more muscle tissue than women, and for this simple reason a man and a woman training with the same intensity will never be equally stro ... Continue Reading

Solutions of the problem of gGlobal Warmingh

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Scientists report that global warming has been escalating since the Industrial Revolution. Governments are trying to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. With the speed of destruction of Earthfs ecosystem, the survival of many species, including human beings, is threatened. In order to solve this dang ... Continue Reading

Solutions Of The Problem Of Global Warming

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Scientists report that global warming has been escalating since the Industrial Revolution. Governments are trying to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. With the speed of destruction of Earthfs ecosystem, the survival of many species, including human beings, is threatened. In order to solve this dang ... Continue Reading

China and Energy Security

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Accompanying the rapid economic growth that China has experienced in the last few decades, are the implications on China's energy situation that follow. Deng Xiaoping said it best in 1980, when he mentioned, "Energy is the priority issue in the economy." Between 1980 to 2000, China's GDP quadr ... Continue Reading

Alternative Energy for Tomorrow

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With the world economy growing at a fast pace, energy demand too has been witnessing a sharp rise in the past few decades, with demand mainly originating from the big developing economies of Asia, namely, India and China. Factors such as high population growth, growing urbanization and changing life ... Continue Reading


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Radiology is the medical specialty devoted to imaging the inside of the human body. In order to accomplish these radiologist uses a variety of energy sources. Radiologist just don’t use x-rays but they also use many other equipment such as ultra sound, magnetic resonance and nuclear to accomplis ... Continue Reading


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Coal is one of the many energy sources that exists in our world today. Coal, along with oil and gas are known as “fossil fuels”. They produce 66% of the world’s electrical power, and 95% of the world's total energy demands, which includes heating, transportation, electricity generation and oth ... Continue Reading


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Have you ever thought about how we get the energy to run the things we take for granted every single day? Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our lives. We use energy to fulfill our needs. Energy lights our cities. Energy powers our vehicles, trains, planes a ... Continue Reading

Controlling the World's Oil

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Our society without fuel would halt in its tracks. Our Energy goes to supplying and sustaining today’s fast pace economy. Over forty percent of the U.S.’s demand for petroleum goes to cars and light trucks. The backbone of America, Trucking. Trucking supplies our nation’s cities with everythin ... Continue Reading

Pakistan Economy

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Salient Features: Low-income country with promising growth but transition to middle-income nation held back by chronic problems including rapidly rising population, sizable government deficits, heavy dependence on foreign aid, large military expenditures, and recurrent governmenta ... Continue Reading

Fuel Cells

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Since the dawn of the twentieth century, in an effort to provide better living conditions for himself and for his family man has invented and used numerous appliances and life altering devices. He has made his life more comfortable, and his living conditions much easier. Many a life have been saved ... Continue Reading

The Four Seasons

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A discussion of weather would not be complete without mentioning seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, often distinguished by variations in temperature, daylight, proximity of the sun. The angle of the sun also comes into play here. The longer the day, as in summer the mor ... Continue Reading

Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy: What’s the Debate? “Coal makes up approximately 28% of the worlds total energy needs, and is consumed at an alarming rate with nearly 1 million tons of black coal burnt in Australia in one day, and is worth about five billion annually just to Australia. But coal is nonre ... Continue Reading

Renewable Resources and Hydropower

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Due to the ever so growing population around the different regions of the world, the necessity for more energy sources is becoming more significant. With the current energies that we use right now, we've become mainly dependent on fossil fuels. But eventually, those fossil fuels will deplete and we ... Continue Reading

Industrial Revolution

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“…those who laboured were the vast bulk of the population, the diligence with which they performed their tasks and the share which they retained of the product of their work were them main determinants of the wealth and incomes of the fortunate few” This quote from John Hatcher’s article o ... Continue Reading

World Water Supply and Conservation

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If all of the water in the world could be poured into one bucket, only one teaspoon of that water would be drinkable. In fact, the scarcity of clean drinking water is responsible for the deaths of 2,000 children a day; dehydration and poor sanitation. In the US, nearly 50% of water usage is devo ... Continue Reading

World Poverty

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Nowadays, there are lots and lots of people suffering from poverty all over the world. The gap between the rich and the poor is still increasing. Day by day, the rich become richer and richer, while the poor become poorer and poorer. The situation now is very serious. Well, there is a hot wire. ... Continue Reading

Energy Problems

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The U.S. oil supply is rapidly diminishing. Alternative energy sources must be implemented because oil is a scarce and non-renewable resource. Each year the U.S. consumes 6.2 billion barrels of oil, equivalent to 17 million barrels of oil each day (Coastal 67). The undiscovered U.S. OCS and gas reso ... Continue Reading

Modernization vs. Dependency Theory

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What is the difference between economic and social underdevelopment? There are many distinct differences between social and economic underdevelopment. Social underdevelopment refers to such factors as low education rates and high rates of illiteracy. Some of the factors that are used to measure ... Continue Reading