Role that plants play

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Plants play an extremely important role in our lives. ... Most of the world"s food source comes from corn, wheat and rice, which are three flowering plants. ... Most of the drinks that we enjoy today come from plants. Coffee, tea and cola all come from different plants. ... About 50% of all medicines around the world are from&...


Marijuana Paper

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Marijuana is defined as a drug composed of the leaves, stems, and flowering buds of the Indian plant, Cannabis Sativa. The flowering tops of the plant secrete a sticky resin that contains the active material for which marijuana is used. ... The main active ingredient in drugs from the plant is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. ... Generally, plants f...


rare plants

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RARE PLANT FOUND IN CHINA The fossil plant was found in northeast China from bedrock of ash, called Archaefructaceae.This fossil plant had leaves and produced seeds together with a fruit, but without any petals! ... This plant originally emerged from the water. ... Archaefructaceae diverged from the flowering plants before the ancestor of all modern member...


The Plant Life Cycle

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When you plant this seed in the ground the seeds sprouts, and a new plant grows and makes new seeds, and the plant's life cycle goes on. In more detail the life cycle of a flowering plant begins when the seed germinates. ... A number of factors influence the timing of flowering. The age of the plant is critical because most ...


Reproduction in Plants

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The difference between ferns and flowering plants is, flowering plants are capable of exploiting much more habitats, due to them not being dependent on water for reproduction. ... There"s a big difference between this and a-sexual reproduction carried out by the flowering plants. ... Flowering plants are not dependent on water for fertilisation. ... ...


Angiosperms and Gymnosperms

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Angiosperms are flowering plants. Angiosperms are the biggest group in the plant kingdom. ... The flower contains the male or female parts of the plant. ... They have stems that hold the plants up and move the nutrients and water about the plant. ... Many of these plants are cone-bearing plants. ...


Vampire Plants

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These plants are classified as parasitic plants and they obtain nutrients, water, and minerals from host plants through the use of extensions called haustoria. ... This, and its tendency to leach the life from its host plants, helps to explain the variety of names given to this plant. ... While there are many species of Dodder plants, each&...


Brassica Rapa

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Studies of the Brassica rapa Throughout the semester students examined in a step-by-step fashion, the life cycle of a typical flowering plant, the wild mustard Brassica rapa. ... Students studied the life cycle of plants, understanding of how plants grow, which organs developed first, and how it reproduced. ... Day 7 the quads were th...


Plant Response Lab

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Plant Response Lab Introduction When trying to grow plants you must take into account the different variables that may help or hurt your plants. ... The fourth plant would be cut like the second plant as well but add lanolin containing 1% Indoleacetic acid (auxin) to the cut stump. ... First there were three dwarf pea plants planted a...


Bleeding heart the plant

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The Bleeding Heart is a plant that originates in British Columbia in the rich moist soil. ... Although the Bleeding Heart is a very choosey plant in some regions it is considered a weed. ... In some rare cases only touching the plant can cause reactions to the epidermis, but that is not what concerns people it is the full ingestion of a...


The Poppy

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Poppy is the common name for a family of herblike flowering plants, found mainly in the North Temperate Zone. ... These plants can be perennial, annual or biennial, and are native of Eastern Asia, North America and Europe. ... The plants reach a height of 18 to 36 inches and are cool climate plants. ...


Wisconsin Fast Plants Against Vibration Research

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Varying forms of plants are able to grow in a vast number of places and environments. Plants grow in the ocean, all throughout the land, and are able to sustain life in space. The environments that the plants survive in are varied greatly as well. ... This constant vibration could be a reason as to why you do not see as many flowering...



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Bees and many of their relatives are pollinators of flowering plants, including fruits and vegetables and thousands of species of small wasps are parasites of other arthropods including pest insects. ... But the most important thing that bees do for us today is pollinate our plants. Honeybees are not the only insects that pollinate plants, but they ...


Legalizing Marijuana - Pros and Cons

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Known for being a psychoactive substance, marijuana, which derives from the flowering tops of the cannabis plant, is the most commonly used drug in the western world (Marijuana-Tobacco Facts). ... Hence, an opponent of the legalization of marijuana can argue that marijuana cannot be considered a legitimate medicine since marijuana plants contains hundreds of...



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Evolution is in progress. 3.As we survey the living members of the plant kingdom there is a tendency to think in terms of primitive and advanced groups and that one group represents the ancestor of another: a moss evolved into a fern which evolved into a conifer and so on until we reach the flowering plants. However the plants we see toda...


Legalize weed

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Marijuana is a substance obtained from the dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant. ... This plant, known as hemp, has many industrial uses. The fiber of the hemp plant can produce a wide range of textiles. ... Police arrived at her home and ripped the plant from the ground. ... The alkaloids within the plant relie...



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Pot, another name for marijuana, is a drug made from the dried leaves and flowering tops of hemp plants. ... In the 1959 publication of Pharmacie, Kerjci stated: "œFrom the flowering tips and leaves of hemp, of the cannabis sativa var indica [the Indian hemp] bred in Middle Europe, were extracted a phenol and an acid fraction.&#...



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Marijuana as Medicine Marijuana, a mixture of leaves, stems and flowering tops of the hemp plant, has a long and distinguished history as a medical herb (\"Marijuana\" 317). ... Moreover, other cannabinoids in the marijuana plant may modify the action of THC (Grinspoon 1876). ...


Reefer Maddness

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The Webster"s Online Dictionary defines marijuana as the dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant that yield THC and are smoked in cigarettes for their intoxicating effect. ...


Marijuana Abuse By Teens

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Marijuana Abuse By Teens An effective solution for marijuana abuse by teens must be found! "Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in America today (Nation 5)." "Marijuana refers to the leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant. Marijuana is usually smoked on form of loosely roll...


Cenozoic Era

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The Cenozoic, shortest of the geologic eras, is that period during which the modern world, with its characteristic geographical features and its animals and plants, came into being. ... Flowering plants and insects flourished. ... The Cenozoic was the true age of Mammals with marine mammals, flowering plants and insects flourishing. ...


Rappiccini's Daughter

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The forbidden plant in Genesis is a gorgeous, extremely tempting fruit plant. The fruit on this plant are described as extremely tempting. ... The plant in Rappaccini's garden is a large flowering bush. ... The two plants share the trait of "forbidden," but in different ways. ... The only people immune...


Ethylene Gas: Helpful Friend Or Deadly Foe?

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Ethylene is a plant hormone that differs from other plant hormones because it is a gas. ... Of all the known plant growth substances, Ethylene has the simplest structure (Internet Source #5.) ... In nature, the largest producers are plants and plant products (such as flowers, vegetables and fruits) which produce ethylene gas within their...


Cold Desert

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Many plants living here have adapted over time. The flowering plants will only grow and produce seeds during a year when there is enough water. ... Other types of plants are those which have adapted to keep plants from losing their water. The sagebrush is a good example of these types of plants. ... Plants exchange gases, including water, through...


Bryophytes and ferns

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Bryophytes are some of the oldest and most primitive plants still extant on earth, and since they are unable to utilize xylem and phloem like vascular plants to transport water, food, and minerals throughout the plant body, they must remain small and live in a very moist environment ( Shaw et al 2003). ... They share many comm...