Social Penetration Theory

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Irwin Altman is a highly esteemed Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah, and Taylor who is now dead, was a Professor of Psychology at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. ... The entire history of a relationship is constitutive of what that relationship is at any point in time. (318) Michael Roloff and Gerald&#...


Physical Attractiveness

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Despite well-meaning sayings such as "œbeauty is only skin deep" and most people"s expressed beliefs that physical attractiveness should not influence us in our interpersonal relationships, it does. ... Similarity is an important factor in the development of friendships and romantic relationships. ... In fact, contrast between people may direct their atten...


Byrne's Reinforcement Theory

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In this paper I will explain the reinforcement theory according to Byrne, is that we gravitate to those who show us positive reinforcement in interpersonal relationships. ... Nicholas believes that there is a strong relationship between attitude similarity and interpersonal attraction (Nicholas, 1982). ... This study was carried out using sixty-four students&...


The Network Theory

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A social network is a collection of connected social relationships. ... Antecedents of Social Networks Antecedents of social networks can be found in social psychology and anthropology (Borgatti et al., 2009). ... In summary, not only the existence or lack of relationships the basis of network studies, but the nature, manifestation, or influence of t...


Borderline Personality Disorder

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In this sense, Freud's model considers relationships to be secondary. ... Object Relations, In contrast to Freud"s understanding, is a set of theories that are based on the foundation that relationships, beginning with the mother-infant dyad, are primary, and that intrapsychic, interpersonal, and group experiences offer the basis for the ...


The Breakfast Club

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social psychology \"The lives of adolescents hold a fascination for all of us. ... Adolescence involves the development of a sense of identity; it is a time of questioning of relationships to parents and to peers, and of roles in society. Relationships with others dwell at the core of the adolescent ...


The Science of Falling in Love

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While a full review of the nuances of such pairings is beyond the scope of this paper, my purpose here is to highlight some of the basic processes and communication behaviors relevant to falling in love, dating and romantic relationships. ... In romantic relationships, falling in loveis mainly a Western concept of moving from a feeling of neutrality towa...


annotated bibliography

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"œPerspectives on Interracial Relationships... " Pp. 55-79 in The Social Psychology of Personal Relationships, edited by William Ickes and Steve Duck. ... It discusses how interracial relationships are different than other kinds of relationships, and accounts for why this is. This chapter accomplishes this by looking into the perceptions of...


Theories Of Child Development As They Pertain To Middle Childhood And Adolescence

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In psychology, a theory provides general principles that help us to observe, explain, and predict behavior. ... Freud"s great contribution in the field of developmental psychology is that of psychosexual developmental stages. ... According to Freud, a child in middle childhood would be in the latency stage where the child focuses on same sex friendshi...