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Germany is a nation composed of approximately 81,338,000 people(in 1995). ... Germany is mostly made up of it"s own natives, and primarily speak the German language, which differs in dialect according to region. Berlin is the capital and the biggest city of Germany. ... Germany"s Basic Law includes 141 Articles. ... The German g...



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In turn, Americans might put learning a foreign language on a list of things to do, and if they ever get around to learning it, they do not appreciate it the way the Germans do. ... The language that is spoken in Germany is either high or low German, depending on the region. High German, the Teutonic dialect of Upper or ...



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" Characteristics of language Definitions of language Many definitions of language have been proposed. Henry Sweet, an English phonetician and language scholar, stated: "œLanguage is the expression of ideas by means of speech-sounds combined into words. ... Normally, people acquire a single language initially""their&...



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Germany Germany is the largest country in northern central Europe. ... Germany is divided into five regions: the Rhineland, the Ruhr, Northwestern Germany, Southern Germany, and Eastern Germany. Germany has three physical divisions they are: the Alps, Central German Uplands, and North German Plain. ...



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The question was how to deal with Germany. ... The question is what should we do with Germany? ... Germany knew that the tide of the war was turning when the American, British, and Soviet forces entered Germany. ... The once great German army and navy had to be disbanded. ... Germany was starting to take on a very distinct nature. ...


German Nationalism

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Pride is not unique to Germany. ... Germans wish to preserve the aspects of culture that they feel define them as German people. ... He intends to impose the culture or at least the language of his people on the millions of foreigners now residing in his country (Cohen "œGuiding Culture" 1). ... A German is not someone born ...


German Music

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No longer were hymns sung in Latin, but instead Germans began singing and composing in German and gave rise eventually to the German Cantatas and oratorios (Barry Turner, 39). ... Many of the major themes of the Romantic Movement were drawn from German poets and Nordic and German myths and legends (Turner, 41). ... After 1950, ...


German Immigration to New World

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GERMAN IMMIGRATION TO THE NEW WORLD German immigration to the New World began very slowly in comparison to many other nationalities, only to become so forceful that German authorities and English colonists began to worry about it"s impact. ... Bailyn begins to examine the German population of immigrants early on by stating that "œAn...



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Germany is in central Europe. ... More than three quarters of the people in Germany speak German.The German language is related to Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and Flemish, and also to English. German is also spoken as the native language in Austria, Liechtenstein, most of Switzerland, South Tirol (northern Italy),...


Immigrants and the German Experience

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Many of which were Germans. ... Despite the devotion Germans had to their homeland, German settlers adapted rapidly to the American culture. ... For instance, they had newspapers and held church servises in their native language. ... The Germans left their mark in America. ... The German community stood out. ...



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Germany 2 In order to learn more about my ethnic background I researched topics on the German culture. ... People are not sure if it"s a cultural difference, language difference, a procedural difference, or just a combination of all three? ... Germans use a lot of holistic medicine. ... Women take up 42% of the work force&#...


Germany-The People, The Culture,the Business, The Life

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Germany has an area of about 357,000 Sq. kilometers. ... Germany is divided into five regions. ... The German language has a number of dialects. ... The common language was a link that brought the divided nation together. ... There were dramatic changes in eastern Germany. ...


German schools vs. schools in the United states

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Many people from foreign countries who decide to live in Germany and are not very good in German language, decide to go to that type of high school after elementary school. ... For example a student after ten years of school has had ten years of Math, German, Art, Music and Physical Education: six years of World History (including&#...


History Of C++

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A computer language is defined as a formal language in which computer programs are written. ... The syntax, or the rules governing construction of a machine language, is the main part of defining a language. ... An assembly language is language of words, so each computer required a different program. ... The next computer language developed was...


The English Language

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Some Facts about the English Language Introduction English is a member of the Indo-European family of languages. This broad family includes most of the European languages spoken today. The Indo-European family includes several major branches: "¢ Latin and the modern Romance languages "¢ The Germanic languages "...


Foreign Direct Investment In Germany?

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Conventional long form: Federal Republic of Germany conventional short form: Germany local short form: Deutschland former: German Empire, German Republic, German Reich local long form: Bundesrepublik Deutschland Germany, the home of Oktoberfest, Mercedes Benz, and Dark Chocolate, is a 357,021 square&#...


Nationalism and German Unification

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They all have in common that a certain group of people (= a nation for example) separates itself from other groups, because of different languages or religions (just to mention two examples). The Oxford Dictionary defines nationalism as follows: "œNationalism is the desire of a group of people who share the same race, culture, ...


Indo-european languages

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Indo-European languages There are 37.000 languages in the world but not all of them had been investigated. ... Other languages survived the features of its parent languages. ... Indo-European languages consist of eleven branches. ... The monuments of Prussian language survived three vocabularies written in German letters. ... Baltic languages are very c...


English Language Essay

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This language started in the fifth century AD. ... The Jutes crossed the North Sea, which is now known as northern Germany and Denmark. ... For example the French and the German language are two of the languages that make English a foreign language. ... Other three hundred million people use it as their second language and one hundred mil...



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I have a limited knowledge of other language, it is so far one of the only things I regret that I"m not fluent in a language. I can however speak a little German: Wie gehts dir heute Frau Peacock? ... Knowing another language would benefit everyone. ... Language barriers cause many issues in todays fast pace society. ... Language is...


Foreign languages

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Out of the languages: French, German, Japanese, and Latin what one is more useful towards global trade and makes it easier to trade? ... German is more closely related to English than any other language. ... Most Eastern Europeans speak German. ... The students that wanted to take another language wanted, in order, French, German, Japan...


Language Families

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There are many other languages sandwiched between the Niger-Congo and the Afro-Asiatic languages. ... It gained loanwords from English, French, and German and from African languages and underwent grammatical simplification. ... The Eastern Malayo-Polynesian languages consist of the languages Micronesian, some languages of Melanesia, and some related languages of P...


Tolkiens Languages

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Tolkien"s Languages In helping to create middle earth, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien created many things including races, lands, architecture, and languages. ... One must have an extensive knowledge of language and grammar to create their own languages and Tolkien most certainly did. His mother introduced him to Latin, French, and...


A Summary of One World, One Language

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One idea is that English should be the official language of the West, and Russian the official achieve Language of the East, the other that an artificial language should be created. ... One idea is to make an existing language the universal language that will be taught in schools all over the world. ... An idea was proposed that would requi...


The History of the English Language

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The Indo-European family includes several major branches; Latin and the modern Romance languages, the Germanic languages, the Indo-Iranian languages (including Hindi and Sanskrit) the Slavic languages, the Baltic languages of Latvian and Lithuanian (but not Estonian, the Celtic languages, and Greek). ... Around the second century BC, the Germanic lan...