Gensis 15

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The following will try to come to an informal understand of Genesis 15 by examining the text in a verse-by-verse. The chapter is written in two major sections the promise of the descendents (vv. 1-6) and the concerns the promise of a homeland (vv. 7-22). There are two main character in this chap ... Continue Reading


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The story Exodus is the second book in the Bible that took place around 800 B.C. and was written down around 500B.C. The title “Exodus” comes from the Greek word “going out”, that plays an important part in this book. This book first starts out on the land of Egypt. The Egyptian king was sc ... Continue Reading


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In the Old Testament, Abraham and Moses were two very prominent leaders chosen by God to do his will. Throughout Genesis and Exodus, both men play important roles in fulfilling God’s will. They are put to many tests, given covenants, and communicate constantly with God. Although they have many ... Continue Reading


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Faith, according to Hebrews 11:1, is being sure of what we hope for and what we do not see. (New International Version Teen Study Bible) In modern times, faith has been weakened in meaning so that some people use it to mean self-confidence. But in the Bible, true faith is confidence in Go ... Continue Reading

Comparison of Oedipus and Moses

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Oedipus the King was written by Sophocles who was the playwright around 430 BC. A tragedy, Oedipus was the main character and was a tragic man. EXDOUS was written by Moses about 1000 BC. The writer was also the protagonist. The two works were written during two different time periods ... Continue Reading


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The Book of Exodus is considered to be an epic poem as by definition. An epic poem as defined by Funk and Wagnalls is a poem celebrating in stately, formal verse the achievements of heroes, gods, and demigods (426). The Book of Exodus as well as the entire Bible was written ... Continue Reading


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Amos, whose name meant “burden” , was an ancient prophet who spoke to the Israelites. Amos was born in the village of Tekoa. The name Tekoa meant “to sound the [ram’s] horn .” in the tribal section of Judah.. He spoke to the Israelites during the reign of King Jeroboam II around the year 7 ... Continue Reading

Hebrew Faith

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The Hebrews, or Jews, were Semitic people. Their religion was known as Judaism. The most we know about Hebrews comes from the Old Testament of the bible. In 1300 B.C the Hebrews, which were made up of tribes, began to move into Egypt. They became enslaved and ere forced to work for the Egypti ... Continue Reading

The Story of Moses

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Throughout the history of our world, many people have singled themselves out as leaders and heroes to certain groups of people. One of the most well known of this breed is Moses. Originally born in Egypt, Moses led the great life of a prophet and leader of God’s Chosen People. He was first a H ... Continue Reading

The Book of Joshua

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The Book of Joshua is considered the first of the former prophets-books with historical content which include Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, and 2 Kings. These books contain the history of the Israelite nation, from the conquest of the land to the exile of Judah. ... Continue Reading