Gothic vs. Egyptian Architectu

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Gothic Architecture Vs. Egyptian Architecture The sediment richens the soil year after year by the Nile that floods the valley and rises twenty to thirty feet high. African villagers expect the seasonal rains; the precipitation determines the crops productivity. The valley cut by this dominating riv ... Continue Reading

Notre Dame

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The architect of Notre Dame was Maurice de Sully, the Bishop of Paris. He decided to build it for the growing population of Paris. He dedicated Notre Dame to the Virgin Mary. Even though construction started in 1163, it wasn’t complete until about 180 years later in 1345. ... Continue Reading

Royal Abbey Of St. Denis

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The royal Abbey of St. Denis is named after the first bishop of Paris and his companions martyred in 270; a small chapel was built over the place of their burial, which is now the site of the Abbey. In 630 the abbey was founded for Benedictine monks, and used as a place of education. Over the year ... Continue Reading

Gothic Revival

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Gothic revival is a return to the architectural styles of the Middle Ages. Even though the Gothic revival was practiced throughout Europe, its greatest importance was in the United States and England. Eighteenth and nineteenth century Americans had a wide variety of European architectural styles to ... Continue Reading


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Gargoyles haunt the medieval buildings of Europe, gazing down from the ledges of churches, cathedrals, houses, and town halls. These projections, carved of stone in the forms of people and animals, mark rooflines and buttresses, and enhance the pictorial qualit ... Continue Reading

Art History Exam Study Guide

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Archaeology: the scientific study of ancient people and cultures principally revealed through excavation. Henge: a Neolithic monument, characterized by a circular ground plan. Used for rituals and marking astronomical events. ... Continue Reading

Art as a reflection of the society

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The art of Ancient Egypt was a reflection of the society=s religious beliefs. The most striking aspect of Egyptian religious thought is its obsession with immortality and the possibilities of life after death. They worshiped a host of deities, subdeities, and nature spirits. These gods were respo ... Continue Reading

Romanesque Architecture - Regional Comparison

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After the collapse of the Roman Empire, nearly all architectural development came to an end in Europe. Construction after this time was determined by practical need and chiefly limited to houses of worship. Churches of this time were small, undemanding structures and it wasn’t until the 8th centur ... Continue Reading

St John The Divine Cathedral

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The place that I chose to visit was St. John the Divine Cathedral, located on 112th Street and Amsterdam Ave., in New York City. I chose to explore this church because of an Art class that I had taken here at BCC. The class explored the many differ ... Continue Reading

Cyprus - An In-depth Look at it’s Architecture’s Influence

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Located south of Turkey and west of Syria, Cyprus is a country rich in history and culture. This has earned Cyprus a world renowned reputation, as a country amassed in splendor. The main religion is Christian, more specifically, Greek Orthodox. Cyprus is also home to a fair ... Continue Reading

Gothic Architecture In 19th Century

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Gothic Architecture in 19th Century United States The United States is commonly referred to as a melting pot of people, ideas, and religion, a place where all can coexist in peace while still practicing their own customs. Along with their traditions immigrants also brought the architectural styles ... Continue Reading

Gothic Architecture

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Gothic architecture first got its name during the Italian renaissance when the people considered all buildings of the Middle Ages barbaric and associated them with the savage Goths. With the passing of many centuries, Gothic became more clearly associated with the closing era of the medieval age. In ... Continue Reading

Gothic Art

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Gothic Art is the style of art produced in Europe from the middle ages up to the beginning of the Renaissance. Typically religious in nature, it is especially known for the distinctive arched design of its churches, its stained glass ... Continue Reading


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Chartres Cathedral is the cathedral church of Notre Dame (Our Lady) in the city of Chartres in northwestern France. It is one of the foremost examples of High Gothic French architecture, and is widely noted not only for its innovations in architecture, but also for its many sculptures and celebrate ... Continue Reading

Speyer Cathedral Germany

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Date or Approximate date of work: Begun 1030 The Speyer Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in Europe. It is built on the bank of the Rhine River. It was founded by Konrad II in 1030 and inaugurated in 1061. Konrad II wanted to build the Cath ... Continue Reading

Architectural Analysis of Chartres Cathedral

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Chartres Cathedral, perhaps the supreme testament of High Gothic art and architecture, dominates the town of Chartres, France. In no other Gothic cathedral in the world is the architecture, sculpture, and stained glass so perfectly united and of such excellence. This is due to the comparatively shor ... Continue Reading

Importance Of Religion: Medevil Vs. Modern

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In this modern day religion is merle an afterthought for most people. Though religion and God are still recognized in modern rituals such as weddings, national songs, and presidential inaugurations. It is by no means the driving factor behind every day life that it was in medieval Europe. After the ... Continue Reading

Renaissance Architechture

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From the beginning of time, buildings have gotten more and more extravagant. From the Egyptians and their pyramids to modern day skyscrapers, buildings have gotten bigger and easier to build. Some of the biggest advances in architecture was during the Renaissance time period, when the use of arcs ... Continue Reading


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The Church of Saint-Sernin is named after Saint Saturnin, the first bishop and martyr of Toulouse whom lived in the first half of the third century. The construction of the Church was decided at the end of the eleventh century (around 1070). By 1118 the building was well established but later progre ... Continue Reading

Stained Glass

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In the thirteenth century, glass-painting, already of considerable importance in the twelfth, attains even greater splendour in the windows that fill the space between the narrow framework of the walls like jeweled facades. The radiant shrine of glass, the dream of the medieval arc ... Continue Reading


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Architect Antonio Gaudi blended the movements known as Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic. Gaudi himself considered architecture to be a living sculpture and he sought to create what he named the "Mediterranean Gothic." Taking the classic elements of Greek architecture, the characteristics of Gothic cathedr ... Continue Reading

Santa Fe Architectural Style

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What does New Mexico Architectural Style mean? The early settlers in New Mexico came from Mexico and Spain in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Don Juan de Onate colonized the area above Espanola in 1598, one hundred eight years after Columbus came to the Americas. The early settle ... Continue Reading

Gothic vs. Egyptian Architecture

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Gothic Architecture Vs. Egyptian Architecture The sediment richens the soil year after year by the Nile that floods the valley and rises twenty to thirty feet high. African villagers expect the seasonal rains; the precipitation determines the crops productivity. The valley cut by this dominating riv ... Continue Reading

Gothic Architecture in France

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The Romanesque and Gothic styles herald one of the most important periods in art history, the Renaissance. The contributions from the Gothic architectural period are few, yet remarkable. Even though the Gothic era roughly lasted two hundred years (12th-14th century ... Continue Reading

Horologium Sapientae: The Clock of Wisdom

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The early 1300s saw a scientific and technological revolution that changed forever not only the Medieval view of time, but the artistic representation of it. The invention of the escapement mechanism, a bit of machinery that allowed more accurate clocks to be built, caused a profusion of publicly av ... Continue Reading