How Free Are We?

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In the United States we live by our Bill or Rights and our Constitution, which state that we are a free country and list our rights as citizens of this great country. They allow us to defend ourselves, speak our minds, and grant us many other freedoms. However, ... Continue Reading


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On the day of September 11th 2001, our country received a shocking wake-up call. Disbelief spread over the whole of America as a terrorist attack unfolded before our eyes on national television. Americans now stand concerned about the influx of immigrants into our country, r ... Continue Reading

Some Pros and Cons of the Articles of Confederation

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Long ago in American history, when our country was just coming together after British rule, we had a very critical task that had to be done as soon as possible: froming the new government that would lead the newly independant American colonies. It probably seemed like quite a task to undertake, try ... Continue Reading

American Revolution

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I write to you to voice my opinion on the Articles of Confederation and the country’s need for a new and improved constitution. There are various flaws in the Articles that make our country and government weak and disorganized. The latest example would be Shay’s Rebellion ... Continue Reading

Farenheit 451

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In the twenty-fourth century The United States has become a grim place. In the twenty-forth century books have been banned in the United States. Books are not the only problem with the society; people have become conformed to a boring life of watching television, looking at walls and listening ... Continue Reading

Purposes of Government

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Webster’s dictionary defines government as being the exercise of authority or rule over a state. The textbook identifies government as the institution through which a society makes and enforces its public policies. The four main purposes for government are social order, public services, nati ... Continue Reading

Democracy in the US Constitution

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Democracy in the United States Constitution Throughout the years, generations have ardently debated about which is the most adequate form of government. Nowadays, most countries believe in democracy as the type of government which enables the prosperous development of their nations. In its most b ... Continue Reading

Effectiveness of the Articles of Confederation

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From 1781 to 1789, the Articles of Confederation did not provide the United States with an effective government because of the problems when dealing with foreign policy. Also, the government could not raise enough money to support its armies because it could not tax. The Articles of Confederation w ... Continue Reading

Farming Subsidies in Canada

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Farmers should recieve subsidies. From the point of view of an interventionist, the agricultural community should be granted some form of relief. The government has a duty to be answerable and liable to its subjects. It must recognize the importance of the farming industry to Canada's economy. ... Continue Reading

The First American

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In this abstract Matthew Snipp gives an account of the life that the Indians have had to lead in our country. First he tells about the removal of the Indians from their own land. He states that the United States government is responsible for the removal that largest forced mig ... Continue Reading

Patriotism Law

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After 9/11, the United States realized that it was not as safe as originally thought. The government has tried everything to protect us, but have gone too far with the Patriotism Law. This new law will only point us in a direction of a communist country. To have the government watching what every ... Continue Reading

Articles of Confederation

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Between 1781 and 1789, the Articles of Confederation provided a basis for shaping the United States in to the exceptional nation it is today but, it failed to provide the nation with various aspects of government, such as foreign relations and economic conditions, that were essential to the success ... Continue Reading

Pluralism & Elitism

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In the United States, to understand politics, one must first understand the theories of pluralism and elitism. Both theories influence the lawmakers that make public policies to benefit specific interests. Both theories also influence the government, though elitism is more influential than plurali ... Continue Reading

Compare and Contrast Ireland and China

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What do you think of when you hear the word “Ireland”? Green grass, hills, dancing? How about “China”? Egg rolls, dragons, crowds? You would think that they are two completely different nations with their own separate governments, religion, healthcare and cultures. But, in fact, they ha ... Continue Reading

Wag the Dog

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In the movie “Wag the Dog”, the President of the United States is involved in a sexual scandal with a Firefly, which is about the same as a Girl Scout. The worst part is that the girl decides to talk about two weeks before the elections. So, the presidential staff has ... Continue Reading

Earning Ones Rights

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The Concept of Earning One’s Citizenship Citizenship is defined as a being a citizen or a person owing allegiance to and entitled to the protection of a sovereign state. Citizen preferred for one owing allegiance to a state in which sovereign power is retained by the people and sharing in the p ... Continue Reading

US Health Care

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The current US healthcare financing system is briefly outlined in the following paragraphs. Medicare was an attempt to ensure that adequate medical care would be available to the aged and some chronically ill persons and that the price of such services would not be so prohibitive that persons woul ... Continue Reading

Reasons Why We Need A Government

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There are many reasons why, we the people, need a government opposed to each person living in the United States living and running his or her own government. According to the social contract theory, it says that even though all people have the right to do as they please, everyone must give up some r ... Continue Reading

Luis Valdez

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Luis Valdez's “Los Vendidos” targets many people and groups. Most obviously, he is attacking politicians and the government as a whole as being racist. The whole point of the secretary being there is that they “need a brown face in the crowd” at their luncheon. They do not need a Hispani ... Continue Reading


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The Utopia States is a simply enhanced United States of America. The Utopia States is a utopia in which all Americans want to be a part of and live freely in with no racism and free of stereotypes. In this utopia, the government will be ruled by a democracy. This utopia does not tax people. No lifes ... Continue Reading

On Liberty

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J.S. Mill believes that one ruler would be the worst form of government. He also believes that democratic republic government would tyrannize the minority. However, does our government "tyrannize" the minority? Should the majority count more than the minority? ... Continue Reading

What Makes America Great

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Have you ever compared our country to any other? If so, did you see the tremendous difference in the way people are treated and the way they act there vs. in America? I believe that a person’s own rights and freedoms is what makes America great. People of America can s ... Continue Reading

Nigeria Population Effect

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The factors that have contributed to the population increase of Nigeria for the last 10 years are to do with better health service and better life style for majority of people. Te trading of goods with other countries made Nigeria richer, which provided more money to the country. This made the gover ... Continue Reading

The American Farmer

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The American Farmer, On the Endangered Species List Over two hundred years ago, our founding fathers established a nation that has survived to this very day. At that time, over ninety percent of the nation’s population was involved in production agriculture. Today less that one percent of o ... Continue Reading

The Anti-Federalist

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The writer of federalist #51, most likely Alexander Hamilton, makes several great arguments in this document. However, there are certain flaws present in the writing. Hamilton makes a good point when he says that the ideal way of appointing the entire government would be ... Continue Reading