Opposites Dont Always Attract

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After colonizing their own peninsula the Greeks set out across the Aegean and started encountering the many different cultures and peoples that occupied these lands. Mariners came home from these voyages with tales of wondrous lands and strange peoples and these tales influenced the storytellers of ... Continue Reading

Aztec Religion

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Much like the Israelites of the Old Testament, the Aztecs believed they were the chosen people. They followed the command to search for their promise land, which came from a high deity, the god of war and sun, Huitzilopochli. Around 1116 A.D. they began a two hundred year odyssey from Aztlan to thei ... Continue Reading


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First things first: Howard Zinn is a fellow traveler of Noam Chomsky. Both are leftist revisionists with severe anti-American and anti-Western Civilization bias. While some of the events described in the articles may in fact be true, they are woefully inadequate in footnotes and other reference ma ... Continue Reading

Enkidu’s Sacrifices

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In the story of Gilgamesh, spoken in 2500 B.C., Enkidu makes sacrifices like every person has in their past to better themselves. Along with his sacrifices come gains that help him become more civilized and live with other humans instead of animals. Enkidu is created to be Gilgamesh’s companion ... Continue Reading

Aztec Religion

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The Aztec people were a Native American Indian people who ruled much of what is now Mexico from about 1427 until 1521, until when the Spaniards conquered the empire. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of these people was there very complex religious system. Their religious beliefs were polytheist ... Continue Reading

Arabian Nights & Days

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In Arabian Nights & Days, Mahfouz shows conflict between religion and science or spirituality and reason. In “The Sheikh”, a doctor and a religious teacher accuse one another of being wrong or “misguided”. The doctor takes pity on the religious people and claims they are hypocrites while the ... Continue Reading

Aztecs And Sacrifice

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In the years before the Spanish conquest in the early 1500’s, the Aztecs of Mexico ritually sacrificed at least 20,000 people per year. The Aztec Indians of Mexico practice human sacrifice and cannibalistic acts to pay the highest respects to the gods of their pol ... Continue Reading

Crime And Punishment

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Sacrifice is important to an individual’s well being. It is intertwined with ones sense of right and wrong, as sacrifice is usually letting go of something important in order to do what is right. Sacrifice literally means to sell or give away at a loss. In Crime and Punishment, many characters ga ... Continue Reading

Sacrafice in Kafka

Word Count: 1861 Approx Pages: 7

In Franz Kafka's stories "The Metamorphosis", "In The Penal Colony", and "The Fasting-Artist", the protagonists, Gregor Samsa, the officer, and the fasting-artist, each make apparent sacrifices. These characters give their lives for others, but their deeds are unacknowledged by those they should ben ... Continue Reading

The Worn Path

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“A Worn Path,” had a very definable theme. Many times the most unfortunate people can be the most sacrificial. I came up with this theme after a long thought process. After reading the story I made a timeline of events, highlighting the most significant. Then I looked for a common trend betw ... Continue Reading

Aztecs, Iroquis

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Aztec, Iroquois, Europeans, conquest, discourse of confusion Over the course of several years the Europeans and the French’s methods for control and domination were similar in objectives and goals. Both countries had provoked countless and endless wars with the Aztecs and the Iroquois for centuri ... Continue Reading

Sacrifice In Mythology

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Mikey Ritualistic Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Mythology The ritual of sacrifice in Greek literature played a prominent role in societal influence, defining many aspects of their culture. Sacrifice was the foundation of moral concern, as well as an effective means of narrative development in Greek t ... Continue Reading

A Tale Of Two Cities; Sydney Carton: A Good-Hearted Man

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Many people who read “A Tale of Two Cities” may say Mr. Sydney Carton is a mess-up or a low life drunk. Of course Mr. Carton does hold these characteristics, but as you read this essay, it will try to make you see the positive side of Mr. Carton and just how great he can be. Sydney Carton is a ... Continue Reading

Oscar & Lucinda: A Hunt For Eternal Happiness

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Everyone wants eternal happiness in his or her life. Unfortunately, the world has things disguised as eternal happiness. People are willing to do anything for a taste of eternal happiness, and are unaware or do not care of the consequences one little taste in disguise may bring. Oscar & Lucinda ... Continue Reading

Aztec Inca Comparison

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Did the empires of the Inca and Aztec civilizations have an impact on each other due to their proximity? There were many similarities and differences between the Aztecs and Incas in the Americas. Although they did develop in close proximity of one another, they had similarities; they did not develo ... Continue Reading

The Maya

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The Maya are an ancient civilization, which dominated the vast area currently entitled Central America and Mexico. They rose circa 600 B.C. and fell circa 900 A.D., due largely in part to political upheaval and the demise of many city-states. The people of its time created advanced architecture an ... Continue Reading

Relations to Frye

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The points Frye makes about literature and the imagination are all very true, and can be seen everywhere all the time. Even the most unseemly of stories contain many of the elements that Frye has outlined in his book “The Educated Imagination”. The three stories “Who Needs It?” “The R ... Continue Reading

Aztec Empire and Cortes

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It seemed Cortes faced unbelievable odds when he aimed to conquer the Aztec empire. The shear numbers of the natives were overwhelming. Although it would seem that he should have been defeated the records of history clearly state his impressive victory. At this point one must ask if the Aztecs had a ... Continue Reading

Fight Club Analysis

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Analysis of Fight Club, a novel by Chuck Palahniuk & film directed by David Fincher The novel Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk was published in 1996, and released as a motion picture starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in 1999. It is an important piece of literature because it portrays the prob ... Continue Reading

Regime of the Aztecs and Incans

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The nature of the regime of the Aztecs The Aztecs were a warlike and bloodthirsty tribe that dominated the area around central Mexico from their capital of Tenochtitlan. The Aztec society was very religious, and the predominant aspect of their religion demanded human sacrifice to insure the f ... Continue Reading

Bases of American Civilization

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What were the bases of Civilization in America? (Revised 10/9/01) Migration of the European and Asian Homo sapiens across the tundra land bridge, presently the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia, is said to be due from “increasing population pressures”(p. 198), and the pursuit of mammoth ... Continue Reading

Intro To Religion

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Religions of the world have been studied more frequently in recent times. Many people want to learn and study about where there, and others religions started and where developed from, many study prehistoric religion. Religion is formed by many things, background, beliefs, myths, and rituals. Many ... Continue Reading

Massive Blood To Build An Empire

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MASSIVE BLOODSHED TO BUILD AN EMPIRE Thesis: There is more to the Aztecs than the savage society for which they are known. Most people know the Aztecs as the brutal savages, who killed thousands, but few know the reason why and the great empire they built. The Aztecs are actually all of t ... Continue Reading


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To love another person means to feel compassionate towards them, to "feel" what they feel. Caring about someone, and what happens to them is also a sign of love. Sharing a relationship with someone means that you have to be responsible and have to be aware that there will be times when things go wro ... Continue Reading

The Lottery and Attitudes of Society

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"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson is a short story set in a small town that practices a violent tradition of human sacrifice every year. The tradition is ironically referred to as the lottery wherein the townsfolk randomly draw paper out of a hat and the person that draws the black dot is the pe ... Continue Reading