The Science of Falling in Love

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The dynamics of \"being in love\" are complex and multifaceted. While a full review of the nuances of such pairings is beyond the scope of this paper, my purpose here is to highlight some of the basic processes and communication behaviors relevant to falling in love, dating and romantic relationships. ... In romantic relationships, falling in&#...


Byrne's Reinforcement Theory

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In this paper I will explain the reinforcement theory according to Byrne, is that we gravitate to those who show us positive reinforcement in interpersonal relationships. ... Nicholas believes that there is a strong relationship between attitude similarity and interpersonal attraction (Nicholas, 1982). ... This study was carried out using sixty-four students&...


Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline people also show great difficulties in controlling rage; they are unusually impulsive, they fall in and out of love suddenly; they tend to idealize other people and then abruptly despise them. ... They have an inability to nurture and comfort themselves when they become upset, and an inability to control the impulses toward the expression, thr...


annotated bibliography

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"œPerspectives on Interracial Relationships... " Pp. 55-79 in The Social Psychology of Personal Relationships, edited by William Ickes and Steve Duck. ... It discusses how interracial relationships are different than other kinds of relationships, and accounts for why this is. This chapter accomplishes this by looking into the perceptions of...