Differentiation Of Treatments On Various Types Of Depressive Disorders

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Differentiation of Treatments on Various Types of Depressive Disorders Depression a type of mood disorder that is characterized by its gross deviations in mood. ... There are many variations of depressive disorders, which include major depression disorder (MDD), double depression and depressions that occur along with other disorders. ... Like most...



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The diagnosis of a mood disorder, such as Major Depressive Disorder, can have a devastating effect on patients and their families. ... Most mood disorder patients will have one or more of these four types of episodes: Major Depressive, Manic, Mixed, and Hypomanic. ... In Major Depressive Disorder, patients have no Manic or Hypomanic episodes, but...


Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder, which is also known as manic-depressive disorder, is a mental condition in which the person alternates between feelings of mania and depression. ... Bipolar disorder is characterized by a great deal of symptoms that can be broken down into two categories: manic and depressive episodes. ... The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive ...


Unipolar mood disorder

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Some of the unipolar mood disorders we will discuss are dysthymia, adjustment disorder with depressed mood, and major depressive disorder. ... The major difference of dysthymia and major depression is dysthymics may not experience a depressive state on a daily basis. ... A person diagnosed with major depressive disorder is similar to that of dysthym...


Summary of Mood Disorders

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As many as 19 million Americans are affected by mood disorders (the two main types of mood disorders are bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder which are described as disturbances in mood, behavior and emotion). ... A second classification of major depressive disorder, is dysthymic disorder which is a chronic but less severe form of major depression&...


Bipolar Disorder

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What is Bipolar Disorder? ... According to the DSM-IV-TR (p. 345), the two principal forms of Bipolar disorder are: · Bipolar I disorder, the diagnosis of which requires over the entire course of the patient's life at least one manic (or mixed state) episode which is usually (though not always) accompanied by epi...



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Depressive disorders are characterized by disturbance in emotions that interferes with normal functioning, physical symptoms (fatigue, insomnia), as well as cognitive symptoms (hopelessness). Types of these disorders are major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. ... Types of anxiety disorders are panic disorder with or with...



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Bipolar disorder, which is also known as manic-depressive disorder, is a mental condition in which the person alternates between feelings of mania and depression. ... Bipolar disorder is characterized by a great deal of symptoms that can be broken down into two categories: manic and depressive episodes. ... The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive ...



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The experts say that depression is the "œcommon cold" of mental disorder. ... The common cold can go away but a mental disorder stays with you. ... This is a mental disorder. ... Bipolar disorder, mood disorder, manic depression and major depressive disorder are diseases that effect normal people and can make them turn "œcrazy" ...



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A depressive disorder is not a temporary sad mood, and it is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be willed away. ... Most mental-health professionals talk about two main kinds- dysthymic disorder and major depression. ... Usually, combinations of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors are involved in depressive disorders. ....


Bipolar disorder

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The Cause of Bipolar Disorder It is thought that Bipolar runs in families, and is passed on through genetics, since two thirds of people with manic-depressive illness have at least one relative that suffers from the disorder or with serious depression. ... What Bipolar Disorder Is Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive ...


Symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder

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During this period, the full criterion must be met for "œschizophrenia and for a major depressive episode, a manic episode, or a mixed episode" (American Psychiatric Association) as set forth by the DSM-IV. ... They must also experience a Major Depressive Episode for at "œleast 2 weeks" (APA), or a manic episode ...


Major Depression

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Certain criteria must be met to diagnose Major Depression and must be distinguished from other similar disorders. ... Presence of a single major depressive episode. ... The difference here is that at least 2 or more major depressive episodes have occurred. ... "œMore than twice as many women (6.7 million) as men (3.2 million) suffer from&#...


The Psychology Of Adolescent Depression

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Among both children and adolescents, depressive disorders confer an increased risk for illness and interpersonal and psychosocial difficulties that persist long after the depressive episode is resolved; in adolescents there is also an increased risk for substance abuse and suicidal behavior. ... Mood disorders are often accompanied by other psychological problems such as anxiet...


Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder in early years Bipolar affective disorder has been a mystery since the 16th century. ... Manic and Depressive Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder or manic depression is characterized by many symptoms that can be broken into manic and depressive episodes. ... (National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association). ... (NIMH) Oth...


Is a Frustrating Mess

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In bipolar III disorder there is a family history of mania or hypomania in addition to the client experiencing depressive episodes (13) this category is not highly used but is worth noting. ... (Greer 174) The depressive state is the darker side of this disorder. ... Suicide is most likely to h...


Manic Depression And Bipolar Disorder

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Manic Depression and Bipolar Disorder Abstract Mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or also known as manic-depression have been closely studied and researched for many years. Due to the inability to find one or any specific gene that contributes to this disorder it has been a long and difficult journey into the understanding of manic-depressi...


Pyschological disorders

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There are several categories of disorders: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, and schizophrenia. ... Another type of disorder is mood disorders. ... Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder are two types of mood disorders. Major Depressive Disorder is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. ... Bipolar ...


Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is the third most common mood disorder after major depression and dysthymic disorder. ... Women are twice as likely as a man to experience major depression, but men and women are equally likely to be affected by this illness. ... "Bipolar I is diagnosed when a person has a manic episode and has had no depressive episodes in the ...


Abstract of Depression

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Although our understanding of the processes implicated in acute episodes of major depressive disorder has expanded in recent years, relatively little work has gone into exploring mechanisms associated with the chronic and recurrent nature of this disorder. ... A good example of this is the premise that "excessive reassurance-seeking operates as a risk factor for fu...


Bipolar Affective Disorder

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Discuss this notion in the context of the features of the disorder, describing both the manic and depressive phases, their symptoms and possible treatments. ... The cause of mood disorders including bipolar disorder is unknown although scientists generally agree that many factors contribute to the illness. ... Mood disorders encompass a range of&#...


Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder: Why are primary care physicians so important? ... Both Keck and Susman (2003) have acknowledged that it is challenging to recognize bipolar disorder among the greater number of patients with major depressive disorder. ... The recognition of bipolar disorder is essential because it requires different treatments than are used...


Psychological Disorders and Therapy

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The two main types of mood disorders known as major depression disorder and bipolar disorder are widespread among the people of today"s society. ... Usually, the major depression ends and people return to their normal state. ... Cognitive therapy, however, does not require listening but teaching the patient to think and act in more positive ways b...


Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder I chose to research bipolar disorder because it"s a very odd and yet intriguing disorder. ... As a biology major I"m very interested in different alternatives to treating such a disorder or even if to consider this as such. ... Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of mania, is often very effe...


Eating And Mood Disorders

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There are a number of mood disorders one of which is major depression. Major Depression consists of episodes during which the patient feels sad or empty nearly every day, loses interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities or harbors thoughts of death or suicide (Hyman, 3). Another is bi polar disorder. ... These are called manic periods&#...