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The exclusionary rule is a rule created by judicial decisions holding that evidence obtained through violations of the constitutional rights of the criminal defendant cannot be used in the trial. The exclusionary rule was first established for federal prosecu ... Continue Reading

Mapp V. Ohio

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367 US 643, 6 L ed 2d 1081, 81 S Ct 1684 VOTE: 6 (Black, Brennan, Clark, Douglas, Stewart, Warren) 3 (Frankfurter, Harlan, Whittaker) Concurring opinions: Black, Douglas, Stewart ... Continue Reading

Supreme Court Cases Concerning Constitutional Civil Libertie

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The United States Supreme Court has often played a major role in expanding constitutional liberties in the United States. There was Plessy vs. Ferguson, where Homer Adolph Plessy, who was seven-eighths Caucasian, took a seat in a "whites only" car of a Louisiana train and once he refused to move to ... Continue Reading

Mapp v. ohio

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Ms. Dollree Mapp was a resident of the state of Ohio. The police came to her door accusing her of bedding a wanted criminal. Map called her attorney and demanded the police to show her their warrant. The police didn’t have a warrant so Mapp did not let them in. After a while more police officers c ... Continue Reading

Exclusionary Rule

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The Constitution of the United States was designed to protect citizens’ civil rights from infringement by the government and law enforcement agencies. The Constitution guarantees that the civil liberties of the people of this country shall be respected and upheld. That fact is often considered to ... Continue Reading

Earl Warren

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Earl Warren played an important role in reshaping the rights of individuals in the United States. His place as Chief Justice in the Supreme Court let him take on cases that would later help protect the rights of citizens. He helped the Constitution extend its protection over racial, religious, et ... Continue Reading

4th Amendment Exclusionary Rule

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Dating back to 1774 when the United States was first established, trying to develop a basic functional government was not easy. First governed by the Continental Congress the U.S. was governed through a compact known as, the Articles of Confederation. The Articles created a weak central government t ... Continue Reading

The 5th Amendment

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Protection against illegal search and seizure by police and government officials is the basic guarantee given to American citizens by the 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Like most of the rights and freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights, the 4th Amendment has come under h ... Continue Reading