Meaning of Life

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Approximately six billion people inhabit the earth, and with each person come a new philosophy on the meaning of life. ... One such take on the meaning of life is that life itself is completely hopeless. Though this theory is rather unpopular, it can be derived through the critique of some great poetry. ... The second poem in which...


Life Scars poetry explication

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Those Who Love Us Most I chose to do my poetry explication on "œLife"s Scars" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. In this poem Ella Wilcox recalls times when she has been hurt by life and by people. ... " Meaning that we are more respectful to those people we don"t know, than to the people we love the&...


Nature as a symbol/image in American poetry

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Many times in poetry the ideas, values, and raw beauty concerning nature are used to symbolize a deeper meaning in the poet"s thoughts. ... The great American poets Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson utilized this manner of writing in a great deal of their poetry. Emily Dickinson, in my opinion, had more obvious and well-expressed ...


Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson

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There are many suspicions to Emily"s love life. ... (Poetry 1). ... In Dickinson"s poetry, connotations are used throughout all of her poems. Having to adapt the fact that her poems require "œwillingness to wait for possibilities of meaning to explode into our consciousness... Researchers are still trying to understand her obscure meanings ...


What poetry is

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The universal language of poetry is a bridge that transcends all languages. ... Rhythm is key to the structural make-up of poetry and "œa principle of all life and activity and is, of course, deeply involved in the experience of, and the expression of emotion."(2). Rhythm surrounds us in life for, "œThe human body i...



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Poetry Poetry is a very deep subject; it can show feeling and emotion towards something or someone. ... Poetry is an art an ancient one at that. ... The word poetry itself derives from a Greek word "œpoesis" meaning "œmaking" or "œcreating... Walt spent the rest of his life striving ...


What is Poetry

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Yet, it is hard to talk about poetry. ... According to the "œDictionary of Literary Terms" poetry is: - metrical writing; - writing, that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through ...



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Yet, it is hard to talk about poetry. ... According to the "œDictionary of Literary Terms" poetry is: - metrical writing; - writing, that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through ...



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Words gain meanings in context. ... It clarifies, intensifies and enlarges our experience of life. ... According to Traditional poetry has the greater store of principles. ... Poetry must not only describe but also bear witness. ... Your self esteem, positive attitude and ability to be happy and enjoy life all flow from these essential building blocks....


Anne Sexton Poetry

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Exploration of a Suicidal Mind Anne Sexton explores a battle with life and death through her poetry and writing. ... All of these things are what nourish her poetry and added fuel to her fire and aspiration for writing. ... This particular poem much figurative language that gives the poem more meaning to the reader as well as depth. ... All of t...


The Life Of Michelangelo

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Michelangelo was pessimistic in his poetry and an optimist in his artwork. ... Sculpture was Michelangelo"s main goal and the love of his life. ... It"s overall meaning is a problem. ... Michelangelo portrayed life as it is, even with it"s troubles. ... Michelangelo was pessimistic in his poetry and an optimist in his artwork. ...


The Life Of Robert Browning

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Robert"s poetry was greatly influenced by his family. ... He did not forget his poetry either. ... Browning also used a great deal of optimism in his poetry. An example of optimism used in his poetry is heroic failure. ... If we allow the obstacles of life to stand in our way, then we are failures, but if we overcome thes...


Good Poetry Explores Iteresting Ideas in Interesting Ways

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Good poetry explores interesting ideas in interesting ways as they captivate the responder by stimulating the responder with thoughts. ... Frost"s poetry is an excellent example of good poetry as he explores these interesting ideas of humanity through the use of poetic devices of symbolism and imagery. ... The use of metaphors thr...


William Butler Yeats' Poetry

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Throughout the years 1890-1914, William Butler Yeats focused his poetry on certain situations that were happening in his life. ... He isn"t recollecting on the present life he had as a king. ... Why was Yeats so focused on Drama and his poetry? ... Now, what did Yeats hope to accomplish with his poetry? ... "œI made my ...


Life and Times of Langton Hughes

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Hughes's creative genius was influenced by his life in Harlem, New York. ... Hughes attended Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio, but began writing poetry in the eighth grade and was selected as Class Poet. ... One of his favorite pastimes whether abroad or in Washington, D.C. or Harlem, New York was sitting in the clubs listening...


What is Poetry

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A typical dictionary might define poetry as literary composition written in verse with meaning. ... Poets say that poetry is a way to look at the individual and collective experience of life. ... Perhaps the dream brings you down like a heavy load, never letting a person accept their duties of life. ... Although the poem is short in length,...


Hone Tuwhare Poetry

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"œPoetry is at its most powerful when it comments on social or political issues... Hone Tuwhare , a New Zealand Maori, writes informed poetry on cultural and social issues concerning his people. His personal grievances, and deep shame about the loss of his culture are expressed in his deeply moving poetry. ... He writes about the loss of a ...



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THE POETRY OF ROBERT FROST GIVES US FRESH INSIGHTS. ... Dramatic yet enlightening the poetry of Robert Frost has given us deeper meanings and better understandings on our view of the world around us. ... Our life changes with every decision made by us. ... The cruelty, struggle and hardship of life in the twentieth century are brought out in the poem...


The lost art of lyrical poetry

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Art can cause you to cry, smile, or think deeply about the values of life. Lyrical music is a form of art that always initiates emotional encounters in my life. ... " These words are filled with so much meaning and significance. They hold the true meaning of the song and symbolize the feelings of the writer. ... The mean...


The life of Emily Dickinson

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These challenges she met would later contribute to the strength of her poetry. ... This is when she started to live a life of seclusion. ... Dickinson\'s poetry was original and innovative. ... Both use few words to convey much meaning, imagery and symbolism. ... You suddenly understand the place, meaning and importance of...


Poetry Appreciation

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I am talking about poetry. People have been writing and reading poetry for centuries. ... The first poem entitled, "œSomebody Should Have Taught Him," deals with the loss of a life. ... "" This line proves that it is about the loss of life but it also goes deeper than that. ... The free verse style allows the meaning&...



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His poems were simple, unsophisticated ideas, but underneath he conveys real meaning. The poetry of Robert Frost often focuses on problems people face in everyday life. ... In 1912, at age thirty-eight, Frost sold the farm and took his family to England where he could devote himself entirely to writing poetry. ... are all derived ...


Beatnik poetry of the 1950-60s

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Essay on -beatnik poetry- of the 1950-60s (Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac) The post-World War II years produced an abundance of strong poetry but no individual poet as dominant and accomplished as T.S. ... Its adherents, self-styled as "beat" (originally meaning "weary," but later also having a musical sense,&#...


Wittenstien - The Poetry Does Not Matter

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Poetry, as T.S Eliot once wrote is \"leaving one still with the intolerable wrestle with words and meanings.\" What I believe Elliot meant by that was the intense feeling one can receive from reading a poem. ... And that is of course casually connected with the use that they have in our life. ... I am not sure I would always ...



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He moved to New England at the age of eleven and became interested in reading and writing poetry during his high school years in Lawrence, Massachusetts. ... In 1895, Frost married Elinor Miriam White, who became a major inspiration in his poetry until her death in 1938. ... This poem is deceiptively simple in appearance, but has a deeper me...