Education Psychology (basics)

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“Describe in detail any two or three aspects of human cognition and how they should influence instruction”. The human cognition is made up of a series of cognitive structures. The way these structures are organised, how they relate and interact with eachother constitutes the cognitive archit ... Continue Reading

polar bears

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Ursus maritimus is the scientific name for a polar bear, directly translating from Greek to English into ‘sea bear’. And a sea bear is just what the polar bear is. Unlike other bears, the polar bear is very large and equipped for an aquatic and different lifestyle. But, however, despite its a ... Continue Reading

Hunt For Red October

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Hunt for Red October is a Techno-thriller written by Tom Clancey. He is also know for his many other books that are along the themes of spy, espionage, government and social and moral conflicts within and among states. In Hunt for Red October, we find that the US and British intelligence services ... Continue Reading

Anton chekhow

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Anton Pavlovitsj Chekhov was born on January 29, 1860 in Taganrog, Russia. His father was a grocer and his fathers father a serf. At the tender age of fifteen Anton’s father runs away from their hometown because he is bankrupt. Shortly after Anton and the rest of his family is kicked out of there ... Continue Reading

Business Today

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In the business market there is competition between companies. The company that cannot survive competition dies while the other raises up in the economy. From my expectation, one of the companies that are rising in the markets is the Moscow “Spartak.” Before creating your own company you have to ... Continue Reading

Russian Revolution

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During the period of 1905 to 1917 in Russia many changes occurred, which ultimately led to the falling of the Tsarist reign. As these changes occurred, the stability of the Tsar, Nicholas the second, as ruler became questionable. He began to lose the support of his people, and the country seemed to ... Continue Reading

Consolidation of Democracy in Post-Soviet Russia

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The fall of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union was more than a political event. The powerful interaction and fusion between politics and economics that characterized the state socialist system created a situation that was unique for the successor states of the Soviet Union. The ... Continue Reading


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Abstract This essay concentrates on two representatives of the dissident movement in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and in the 1970s--Andrei Sakharov and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The essay introduces the history of the dissident movement in the Russian Empire under the Tsars and in the Soviet Union un ... Continue Reading

Russia And Chechnya

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Russia and Chechnya have been involved in armed conflict many years. Moscow has been in intermittent conflict with the independence-seeking region in southern Russia for nearly 400 years. In recent years the conflict has escalated and media coverage has increased, this has lead to a public outcry ... Continue Reading


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Moscow is known all ower the world because it is capital of the most powerful states on the Earth. It is the political, economic, scientific and cultural heart of Russia. More than 8000000 people live in Moscow. The Kremlin of Moscow is the symbol of the Russian politics because all main oficial ... Continue Reading


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Twenty-seven people left High Desert Church at three thirty a.m. Thursday morning heading for Russia; nine people were part of the mime team, six people were the band, three were technicians, and nine people with multiple other skills and tasks. ... Continue Reading

Computer Crime

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Sforza-1 John Sforza Miss. Hilleman English 10R December 7, 1999 Computer Crime Computer crime is defined as a criminal act that has been committed With a computer as the principle tool(Judson, 30). These computer criminals are people with advanced knowledge of operating systems, phone systems, and ... Continue Reading

Peter the Great

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Peter the Great's Westernization of Russia In 1689, Tsar Peter I forced his way into power in Russia. Better known as Peter the Great, he overthrew his half-sister’s regime and took control of the state. At this time, Russia was dealing with rapid expansion, yet it was still a very backwards c ... Continue Reading

13 days

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In October of 1962 American spy planes discovered that the Soviets were secretly installing nuclear-armed missiles ninety-miles off the Florida coast, in Cuba. Secret meetings were held by John F. Kennedy to decide what to do. Kennedy flatly refused the air-force proposals for bombing strikes on the ... Continue Reading

The Lady with The Dog

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“The Lady with the Dog” by Anton Chekhov A lady arrives in town with a little white dog. She was always wearing the same beret and always with the white dog, no one knew who she was. Everyone called her simply 'the lady with t ... Continue Reading

Tom Clancy: Believable Plots

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There are many fictional books written to be enjoyed for their contents. However, the interest of the reader in the contents of a book is sometimes affected by the realism with which the plot is introduced. Tom Clancy is an author of many books concerning t ... Continue Reading

The Lady Wýth the Pet Dog

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THE ILLICIT LOVE STORY “The Lady with the Pet Dog”, written by Anton Chekhov, is mainly based on love between Anna Sergeyevna and Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov. Have you ever fallen in love with a married person although you are married? The Lady with the Pet Dog i ... Continue Reading

Peter the Great or Terrible

Word Count: 911 Approx Pages: 4

Peter the Great or Peter the Terrible Peter I is known in history as Peter the Great, but some look at him as a devil. It is surprising how views about one man could differ so drastically. It is easy to see how people’s views of him can tip to either extreme when one looks at how evenly balanc ... Continue Reading

“Early Soviet Gender Policies (1917-30) created Chaos and Mi

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A number of historians claim great successes in the emancipation of women in Soviet Russia, ultimately freeing them from habitual slavery. Women, it is claimed, were led from ‘blind ignorance to the light of knowledge’ through a series of policies which were designed to alleviate the hardship ... Continue Reading

My Family

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My lovely family consists of only three members: my mom, my sister and me. It was bigger when my Dad was alive. He died from a heart attack when I was nearly five. Not realizing how tragic and irrevocable the event of his death was for my Mom and my elder sister, I could not utter even a tear. I was ... Continue Reading

Business Plan

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... Continue Reading

compar and contrast

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News is part of our daily life, we encouter news either by tuning into television, or driving over to work when the radio is on or simiply by picking up a newspaper along with some sort of snack at the store around the corner. We engage in some sort of news could be local, national or international ... Continue Reading


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Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Darling?illustrates the life of a woman named Olenka Semyonovna£¬who because of her reliance on others, lives a empty life. She is a person who changes her attitude as she falls in love with different men. She always needs to be fond of someone and does not p ... Continue Reading


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Hollan, and France. By June 14, France had surrendered and Hitler was making plans to invade Great Britain. Hitler played the role as a General in WWII all though he didn't know much about stratagies he knew alot about weapons and made sure his soldiers used them effectively. On June 22, 1941 ove ... Continue Reading

The Darling

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Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Darling?illustrates the life of a woman named Olenka Semyonovna£¬who because of her reliance on others, lives a empty life. She is a person who changes her attitude as she falls in love with different men. She always needs to be fond of someone and doe ... Continue Reading