The Steel Pan

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THE STEEL PAN The object, that I have chosen to represent as a piece of craft is the steel pan. ... Its roots are from Africa. The British colonial authorities banned African drumming, the people made music from bamboos, which they thumped on the ground and then they created "œTamboo Bamboo Bands". &...



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This is very true in the case of Africa. The only problem is that Africa is said to have no history. ... Rather he viewed the blend of African and European cultural influences to be a practical method of improving Africa. ... " He also believed in an African Aristocracy. ... Rodney became a prominent Pan-Africanist, which led to ...


Islam in the African American Experience

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The next chapter in the book is titled "œPan-Africanism and the New American Islam: Edward Wilmot Blyden and Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb". ... The author makes it known that he believes that Pan-Africanism bridged the gap between "œold Islam" and "œnew Islam" in America. Turner begins his discussion by detaili...


African Indepence Movement

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Both of these two stressed the need for unity for all Africans known as Pan-Africanism. ... He formed the Convention\'s People\'s Party, the first African political party in Black Africa. ... Its basis, in other words, is human equality.\" Most of the African nations, including Ghana, Guinea, ...


Book Review

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The next chapter in the book is titled "œPan-Africanism and the New American Islam: Edward Wilmot Blyden and Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb". ... The author makes it known that he believes that Pan-Africanism bridged the gap between "œold Islam" and "œnew Islam" in America. Turner begins his discussion by detaili...


African Music

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African music is generally classified into two main style areas, which are Arab North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. ... African drums come in many shapes and sizes. Wood, pans, and pottery are used to construct drum bodies. ... Clearly most Africans know at least two languages. ... The peoples of Africa speak around one thousand...


Sharpeville- A Turning point in African Nationalist Movement

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The people of South Africa were now prepared to fight for their freedom, and the African National Congress (ANC), and Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) developed militant groups for this purpose. ... Although he was writing for a newspaper that targeted Africans, Mr. ... He continued saying: "œIn March 1960, Robert Sobukwe, President...


South Africa : Apartheid

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Roots of the South African Apartheid South Africa is a country set with an abundance of natural resources including fertile farmlands and unique mineral resources. ... Many whites that live in South Africa believe in a myth passed down over time that says that the first Africans and the first European settlers arrived in roughly the same time period&#...


FESPACO 2003 - Its Progress

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For one week every two years, the city of Ouagadougou holds the largest festival of the continent "" the Pan-African film and television festival called FESPACO. ... " In the past, the films presented at the festivals, were by directors featuring their viewpoints on Africa and what they believe Africa to be. It was a ...


Adelaide Smith Casely Hayford

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When you analyze any movement weather it was the Pan Africanism movement or the Civil Rights movement; Black women have played a strong role in shaping and becoming the sole back bone of the struggle for equality and justice. We give much respect to Marcus Garvey, Martin Delaney, Edward Blyten and many other powerful and influential black men th...


Sex Tourism in Africa

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What remedies are in place for South African children who are sexually exploited? ...  South Africa"s first contact with colonialism and the issue of slavery had left South Africa in a constant state of chaos and instability. ... The country was free from oppression and domination by the white South Africans. ... Also, 80%&...



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Aparthied was a form of racial segregation, used in South Africa from 1948 to 1990, which taught white supremacy and prejudice towards non-whites. But discrimination started long ago in South Africa, when the British settled there in 1795, and although the ratio of whites to non whites was roughly 1-9 they successfully passed many ridiculous law...


Basic Music Definitions

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-AABA Song Form: often called the thirty-two-bar form, is common in Tin Pan Alley songs -Blues Form: is characterized by specific chord progressions, of which the twelve-bassblues chord progression is the most common. ... -Blues: is the name given to a music genre that originated in African-American around the end of the 19th century ...


Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk

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Bring in "da Noise, Bring in "da Funk Choreographed and created by tap superstar Savion Glover, Bring in "da Noise, Bring in "da Funk is a musical production that tells the story of the history of African Americans through music and dance. ... In the show"s first number Slave Ships, "da Beat, illustrates the way in ...



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Africology is the observed analysis into life histories and life in general of peoples of primary African origin and their descent. ... Now at days, it is very unusual for a university not to have an African American department. Some departments go by different names, such as African American studies, black studies, pan- African studies, Africana ...


Drought In Ethiopia

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Africa has been plagued by drought and desertification for nearly two years. The drought was caused by below standard rainfall during the main rain season of Africa, between July through September. ... Some of these include The Pan-African Implementation and Partnership Conference on Water, which was a conference held from December 8 through the 13 of 2003&#...


Slavery and Africian Culture

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Would you agree that African culture survived more strongly in the Caribbean colonies than in North America? In 1562 John Hawkins, the first English slave-trader arrived in Africa with a fleet of three ships. Into these ships he put the three hundred black Africans he had abducted from Sierra Leone. ... African "promiscuity" was seen as&...


A Country's Struggle to Democratic Ways

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Later generations of the South Africans, eventually saw , South Africa"s gained independence from the U.K. on May 31, 1910. With the newly gained independence, the whites ruled South Africa. ... The laws even restricted jobs that the Africans could have. ... The ANC believed that "œSouth Africa belongs to all wh...


Short Quiz on African Politics

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Pan-Africanism The movement to fight the end of native culture, ways, religion and language. ... Civic nationalism in Africa National NOT ethnic identities in Africa. ... Poverty and Inequality in Post-Apartheid South Africa In Post-Apartheid South Africa in 1999 52% of Africans were poor and 95% of the poor were black. ... The Rainbow Nation of ...


Latin American Percussion Instruments

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The clave rhythm is the key to all African and Latin American music. ... The first melodic pans were created in the early 1940s. ... Today, many pans make up a standard steel band. ... When playing the pans one must envision a choral sound. ... Always avoid overplaying the pans....


Kwame Nkrumah

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The Early Life of Kwame Nkrumah Kwame Nkrumah was born on 21 September 1909 in the village of Nkroful in Nzima in the Gold Coast, what was then a British West African Colony. ... His most significant action was the development of the West African National Secretariat. He became the most important influence in the Pan African Movement and w...


Transatlantic Slave Trade

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African peoples were transported from numerous coastal outlets from the Senegal River in West Africa and hundreds of trading sites along the coast as far south as Benguela (Angola), and from ports in Mozambique in southeast Africa. ... THE EARLY HISTORY OF EUROPEAN TRADE WITH AFRICA The marketing of people in the interior of Africa predates European...


African American People

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Woodson dropped out of mainstream academia to devote his life to the scientific study of the African experience in America, Africa and throughout the world. ... DuBois Center for Pan African Culture that has been in the forefront of programs developed to mark the observance. ... The month of February is significant and recognized in African American histor...


Two Countries South of the Sahara

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There is a great distance between the two countries, as Nigeria is located in Western Africa and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. ... Many of Africa"s countries are filled with a surplus of natural resources. ... Nigeria is positioned between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, which makes it a natural frying pan. ... Nigeria is known as Africa&...


America, Affect and Apartheid

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In both South Africa and the United States, the racial exclusion of blacks or more specifically the bantu in South Africa served as a strategic purposes of coalition building by those in power. ... This Afrikaner myth is exemplified in Hard Right written by van Rooyen when he says, \"Africa\'s poor record on democracy, human and minority ri...