Heart of Darkness

Word Count: 3088 Approx Pages: 12

Heart of Darkness centers around Marlow, an introspective sailor, and his journey up the Congo River to meet Kurtz, reputed to be an idealistic man of great abilities. Marlow takes a job as a riverboat captain with the Company, a Belgian concern organized to trade in the Congo. As h ... Continue Reading


Word Count: 2695 Approx Pages: 11

William Faulkner's background influenced him to write the unconventional novel The Sound and the Fury. One important influence on the story is that Faulkner grew up in the South. The Economist magazine states that the main source of his inspiration was the passionate history of the ... Continue Reading

The SOund and the Fury

Word Count: 911 Approx Pages: 4

Benjy Compson is the son of Caroline and Jason Compson. He is the brother of Quentin, Caddy, and Jason. Benjy is mentally retarded, which makes some of his family threaten to send him to a mental hospital to l ... Continue Reading

The Sound and the Fury

Word Count: 1051 Approx Pages: 4

The Sound and the Fury is an interesting story that, at times, is very difficult to read. The story is broken up into four sections and each section is told from a different perspective. The first three sections are told by one of the Compson children and the last is considered a combined narrati ... Continue Reading