The Sound and the Fury

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The second section takes place on June 2, 1910, and is told from the perspective of Quentin Compson. ... Quentin is also obsessed with the past and he experiences many flashbacks, most of them giving insight into the Compson children"s adolescence. ... Quentin"s father says that as time passes he will forget about this problem; however,&#...


The Sound and the Fury

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Quentin tells his side of the story and ends when he kills himself. ... Compson had three boys and one girl. Their oldest son, Quentin, committed suicide when he was a freshman in college. ... Compson"s youngest son. ... Compson. ...


The SOund and the Fury

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Individual Reading Assignment The Sound and the Fury Main Characters Analysis: Benjy Compson is the son of Caroline and Jason Compson. ... Candace "œCaddy" Compson is the only daughter of Jason and Caroline. ... Jason Compson has many different personalities in the novel. ... Quentin Compson is an alcoholic, ...


Seven Sins and the Fury

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The story"s main plot revolves around one family, the Compsons. Jason Compson is the father of the family. ... Compson agrees, as long as Caddy promises to stay away. ... Compson to send Benji to an asylum in Jackson. ... Compson does. ...



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Compson! ... Compson as a alcoholic, and names the children's grandmother Damuddy who also dies while they are young. ... The next section, told from Quentin Compson's perspective, is as equally puzzling. ... Quentin's role in the book also seems pointless. ... Caddy, Quentin, and Jason, each representing different elements of society&...


The Sound And The Fury

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Each of the Compson"s accounts occurs on different days. ... Compson and the black nanny, Dilsey. ... "œdeadbeat" Compson exchanges it for money towards college expenses for Quentin. ... Once Caddy is gone, she sends money to her daughter, Miss Quentin, for her well being. ... Miss Quentin"s escape is also the climax of...


Jason vs. Heathcliff

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Compson"s affection. ... Compson, when they are in the kitchen. ... Compson and Jason are arguing over what should be done with Miss Quentin and how she should be treated. ... In The Sound And The Fury Jason abuses Miss Quentin. Caddy the mother of Miss Quentin sends checks to Jason for the needs of Miss Quentin. ...


Someone to Lean On

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As Quentin reflects in his section, "œa nigger is not so much a person so much as a form of behavior; a sort of obverse reflection of the white people he lives among" (Faulkner 185). ... Dilsey had no reputation outside of the Compson home, yet she was the one who ruled the proverbial roost. ... Dilsey was ther...


Faulkner and Lightman’s Take on Time

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Benjamin Compson in Faulkner"s The Sound and the Fury is mentally retarded and has no grasp of time. ... Quentin Compson is very different than Benjy. ... Quentin cannot conquer time. ... Quentin ends up committing suicide. ... Jason Compson possesses a concept of time that is prominent in our world today. ...


In ‘The Sound and The Fury’, anxieties over newly emerging r

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Benjy is the severely mentally retarded son of the Compsons". ... Compsons wealthy brother, Maury. ... Quentin narrates the second chapter of the novel. ... This is hardly likely though, as Quentin"s anguish over Caddy"s promiscuity is centered on himself, and is exceptionally intense which indicates a lack of concern with the possibility of disappointing...



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The three Compson sons living in this bleak, depressed household are the idealistic Quentin, the fast-paced, miserly Jason, and the retarded "baby" of the family Benjy (Brooks 44). ... Compson and his son Quentin. ... Upon giving the watch to Quentin, Mr. ... Compson tells Quentin that he is "second-hand" and subsequently&#...


Absolom absolom

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The next narrator Faulkner introduces to the reader is Quentin"s own father. ... Compson. ... Compson as an objective narrator because he also brings his biases into the story. ... Compson gives the reader another view of this man, so as to question what one is being told. ... Quentin goes off to Harvard and is roomed up with a man from Cana...


The Sound and the Fury

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Compson, "œPurity is a condition contrary to nature... She ignites the passion of Quentin, and through her coming of age, stirs up Benjy. Jason is haunted by Caddy through Quentin, Caddy"s daughter. ... She was subconsciously a ruling factor in the Compson household. ... I would have liked to see&...


The Sound and the Fury - the Benjy Section

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As hard as navigating the story is, once untangled, Benjy tells an unbiased and unprejudiced account of all the important events in the Compson household. ... Of all the Compson boys, Benjy is the only one that can see the world as it is. ... His section helps us comprehend the tough times the Compson family has gone through. Ironically, ...


A Comparison of The Sound and the Fury to Song of Solomon

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The Compson family of The Sound and the Fury, while displaced from the harsh environment of the city, still has serious problems within the walls of their country home. ... Quentin, the only member of the family to attend college, throws away his Ivy League education and everything his parents give to him by drowning himself because he cannot liv...



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It opens in September, 1909, the present, with Quentin Compson talking to Rosa Coldfield about Thomas Sutpen. ...


Horses in Faulkner

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Faulkner"s obsession with the horse is well documented in accounts of his antics, from beginning until his final days at his home in Mississippi. Blotner documented Faulkner as saying, "œI"m scared to death of horses"¦ that"s why I can"t leave them alone.(Blotner, 377)" This reckless attitude towards something he...


Research Paper on William Faulkner

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Tells the story of Thomas Sutpen, the son of a poor white in western Virginia who has a grand "design," and the effect his actions have on future generations in Yoknapatawpha County, especially Quentin Compson. ...


Heart of Darkness

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Plot Overview Heart of Darkness centers around Marlow, an introspective sailor, and his journey up the Congo River to meet Kurtz, reputed to be an idealistic man of great abilities. Marlow takes a job as a riverboat captain with the Company, a Belgian concern organized to trade in the Congo. As h...