The Rattler and tone

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"œThe Rattler" is a simple, yet powerful chronicle of a man"s killing of a rattlesnake in a desert. Although the man narrates the story, it is told mainly from the perspective of the rattlesnake, as though the narrator is empathizing with the snake. ... He continuously refers to the snake not as "œit" but as&#...


The Ratter and Tone

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"œThe Rattler" is a simple, yet powerful chronicle of a man"s killing of a rattlesnake in a desert. Although the man narrates the story, it is told mainly from the perspective of the rattlesnake, as though the narrator is empathizing with the snake. ... He continuously refers to the snake not as "œit" but as&#...


Poisonous Snakes

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There are a few out of many found in found in Louisiana, such as the Cotton Mouth (water moccasin), the Copperhead, the Rattlesnake, the Pit Viper, and the Coral snake. ... Rattlesnakes are the most widely known. ... The rattlesnake is the largest venomous snake in the United States. ...


Stone Cold

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The name Stone Cold as a wrestler to any wrestling fan sparks excitement in their mind. Anyone who has ever seen the Texas Rattlesnake perform knows the energy that he gives to the crowd. Especially when he downs a few Budweiser"s, also known as Steveweisers. After he has left his opponent laying...


Kluckhohn & Anthropology

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She fed her guests rattlesnake sandwiches. They thought that it was good until they found out that it wasn"t chicken but rattlesnake, at which point they vomited it all out. ...


Chapter 12 of Cold Mountain

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He then tells them how he had contemplated putting a rattlesnake tail in the fiddle for a while to improve the sound. Stobrod had ended up doing this, he cut of the rattle of a rattlesnake and placed it inside the fiddle, and sure enough, the new sound was marvelous. Here is where Emersonian philosophy comes into play: when a rattlesn...


Nature Vs Nurture Elsie Venner

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The narrator describes the landscape of Rockland and gives a background of the city, among which he tells of the vast population of rattlesnakes that inhabit the area. On "œThe Mountain", as it is always and only referred, has an infamous Rattlesnake Ledge on it. "œThe venomous population of rattlesnake Ledge had a Gibraltar&...



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Some types include the Indian Cobra, coral Snake, and rattlesnake. ... Coral snakes use their bright colored skin as a means of warding off predators, and rattlesnakes shake their tails to warn that they are near. ...


The Bear

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When he is walking away from grave, he encounters a rattlesnake that did not represent the noble side of "œOld South" but the fetid atrocities for which it was responsible. The description of the rattlesnake says, "œthe old one, and he could smell it now: the thin sick smell of rotting cucumber and something else which ...



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So she had taken her nail polish that had rattlesnake venom in it and sliced his face with it. ... Sir got smacked with rattlesnake poisoned fingernails across the face. ...


Animals in The Wars

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"The dog and I can go kill some rattlesnakes" Rattlesnakes are deadly and clearing them would help secure the soldiers. ...


Analysis of Delia

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Delia in the story "Sweat" by Zora Neale Hurston is a hardworking, spiritual, and determined poor black washwoman in the south during the early 1920's. She is married to an abusive and domineering husband, who cheats on her, and doesn't contribute to the maintenance of the home. Delias traits and...


The Uses of Snake Venom

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Hemotoxins, on the other hand, attack the blood stream and muscles; copperheads and rattlesnakes are prime examples of this class. ... Right now, scientists are carefully scrutinizing rattlesnake and copperhead venom, the one to understand and the other to fight cancer, especially breast cancer. ... Edgar Meyer from Texas A&M says that the cell ...


Lame Deer and Sanchez

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Although Sanchez killed a rattlesnake it was a way of survival. ... He said cowboys used to pull the fangs from rattlesnakes and wear them around their necks to ward off fever... " (Moon 460) Sanchez may have killed a rattlesnake but explains how after the kill people of his society use parts of the snake as a spiritual ward off....



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Nature can sometimes become spiritual and personal. In the case of Joan Didion and his views on the Santa Ana, he believes that these winds makes people act certain ways, and their feelings are inexplicable. Although many suppose that their actions are caused as a result of the amount of positive an...


The Venomous Cobra

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Then there"s rattlesnakes which are found in Texas and have a rattle at the end of their tails for which they use to frighten off predators. ...


The Basin

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By planting four "Yarrow" plants, four "Blazing Star" plants and four "Rattlesnake Master" plants; in time they will reproduce and spread their seeds through out the area. ...


The Columbian Exchange

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"œThe people began to die very fast, and many in a short space". Over 80% of the natives living in South and North America died from diseases that the Europeans brought with them. diseases such as measles, smallpox, whooping cough, yellow fever, and influenza. The New World was like a "œvirgin s...


the bear 1

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As Ike is walking away from Sam"s grave, he encounters a rattlesnake that represents not the noble side of the "Old South" but the fetid atrocities which it was responsible for. ...


Native Americans Affected by European Settlement

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European explorers marveled at the sight of iguanas, rattlesnakes, tobacco, maize, beans, tomatoes, and lowly potatoes. ...


Fort Union

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The conditions were so bad that the soldiers preferred to sleep on the ground outside, and risk being bitten by a rattlesnake, rather than sleep on their bed in their quarters. ...


Trail of tears

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During President Jackson"s presidency many of his duties seemed to be quite controversial. One of the most infamous charges was his action taken towards Native Americans. He destroyed many cultures by forcibly removing the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Seminoles, and Creeks. Jackson forced the ...


The Character of Jim

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"œ"¦I found a rattlesnake in there"¦ I killed it and put it at the foot of Jim"s bed"¦"(P.59) Jim is very upset with Huck after this incident. ...


Santa Ana Winds

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Continuing, she writes of her neighbor"s husband walking around with a machete, claiming he hears a trespasser or a rattlesnake. ...


Huckleberry Finn\'s Physical vs. Moral Journey

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This can be shown with the rattlesnake when they were on the island or when he acted like Jim had dreamed getting separated when they were in the fog in the river. ...