“How can we know, if at all, t

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#4 “How can we know, if at all, that our behavior is ethical?” The questions of how to behave ethically and how to know what is and what is not ethical have plagued men and women for ages and for good reason. The difference between an ethical and unethical action are not alw ... Continue Reading

Ethics And Society

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I think that the majority of ethic laws that are followed in most societies result via the divine command theory of ethics, meaning a higher being commanded people to act the way they act. Most cultures have a major religion that has a moral code associated with it. These moral codes have general si ... Continue Reading


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Kant belived that true morality derives always from what truly makes us happy as human beings. This immediatley making morality subjective to each person. Or are we to think that culture as well as society around us makes us quiestion what truly makes us happy or what we are to be happy about? This ... Continue Reading

Are You Morally Free To Ignore Your Own Conscience?

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Are you morally free to ignore your own conscience? This paper is about whether or not you are free to Ignore your own conscience. I don’t think we are free to ignore our own conscience because some people try to argue That morality is simply a human convenience, and because we ... Continue Reading

Moral Problems

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‘Moral judgments are nothing more than expressions of personal preference. While there is some point to arguing about questions of fact, moral arguments are a waste of time. The only thing at issue is what people like or don’t like’. I have probably read this statement about a million times ... Continue Reading

Is Adultery Moral

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When critically discussing whether or not an act such as adultery is wrong, one must first establish the definition of adultery, and then on what basis it is considered to be wrong. In defining adultery, I will be providing the commonly accepted standard conceptual framework in conte ... Continue Reading


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Ethics is something very hard to be defined in one document, even by some of the greatest philosophers of all time. Although it would be wonderful if we all were utilitarian, I don’t think it is possible. That is simply because human nature is that we put ourselves a little bit higher than every ... Continue Reading


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When it comes to the topics of (rule) Utilitarianism and Kantian ethics, they both have different views to what they believe about lives being of equal moral value. The two also have different views of what moral considerability is, which means the certain traits that give you your personhood. Whe ... Continue Reading

How Can We Know If At All, That Our Behaviour is Ethical

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This essay is exploring human behaviour both from an individual point of view, as well as considering society as a whole. Main causes of human behaviour have to be taken into the account along with the outcome or the effects of such actions; historical as well as psychological perspectives are consi ... Continue Reading