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Sacagawea was an important member of the Shoshone tribe. She was born in eastern Idaho in what is now Salmon, Idaho. It is thought that her birth year was about 1790. When Sacagawea was around the age of 10, she was captured by a raiding band of Hidatsa and carried to their camp near the border o ... Continue Reading

Who Was Sacagawea?

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Who Was Sacagawea, and How Did She Evolve as A Person? President Thomas Jefferson in 1803 asked for funding from Congress for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the western territories between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. Not only to find a full trade route to the Paci ... Continue Reading

York's Journal

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Clark advised me that we would be starting a journey to the Pacific Ocean. President Jefferson is wanting to double the size of the United States by making a quick purchase from France for 15 million dollars. He called this the Louisiana Purchase and needed someone ... Continue Reading

Lewis and Clark Expedition : Exposed

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As strangers in unknown lands, Lewis and Clark were often weary of their surroundings. The only hope they had came from the help of the Indians. Showing their peaceful intent, however, sometimes proved difficult. Obviously, the most trying obstacle to overcome was the language barrier. Withou ... Continue Reading

Lewis and Clark

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition was written by Gunther Barth. The members of the expedition had many objectives to achieve that was set for them by President Thomas Jefferson. They had many hardships to overcome throughout their journey, they al ... Continue Reading

Lewis and Clark Expedition

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My historical research is from the Internet. I got to this site by surfing the web. I decided to look up the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. In doing so I found a site called “Lewis and Clark National Historic trail home page”. You can find this site at ... Continue Reading