Marco Polo

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Marco Polo, perhaps the best know long distance traveler, his father Niccolo and uncle Maffeo, began the surge of long distance trade and travel. The Venetian family was among the first European merchants to visit China. They met the great Khubilai Khan, who took a special liking to Marco. Marco, ... Continue Reading

Nomadic Groups Effect Upon Settled Socities

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In the old world nomadic groups had a dynamic impact on sedentary (settled) societies. The nomads set in motion changes which in turn effected their lives and the lives of the sedentary societies. The first of these changes effected trade. The sedentary agricultural societies were simple and yet ... Continue Reading

Robert Frost

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Silk and Women: Strong, Luxurious, and Smooth Robert Frost’s poem The Silken Tent is about a compassionate and caring woman who is compared to a silken tent. Why does Robert Frost compare her to a silken tent? Robert uses the word silken to figuratively emphasize the beauty and strength of the ... Continue Reading

Ghengis Khan

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“ The Mongolian Empire” The Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan (1162-1227), also known as Jenghiz Khan was said to have conquered over two-thirds of the known world in his lifetime. He was renowned as a brilliant strategist, employing methods of warfare that were decades before ... Continue Reading

Trading In Ancient Times

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1. Trading as we think of it today first began during the Bronze Age at around 4000 BCE. The first bronze tools were being developed. The Bronze Age had a major impact on the politics and economy of the world. This impact was seen in trade in that it became necessary. Many places couldn’t find som ... Continue Reading

Change Over Time : The Silk Road

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Change-over-Time: The Silk Road (100 B.C.E. – 500 C.E.) Throughout history, trade has always brought an economic growth and spread of culture and ideas. Some trade routes stand out as major points in history. One example is the Silk Road which linked China to the W ... Continue Reading

East asia and the americas

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Although East Asia and the Americas were located in two different continents, they still had many similar features. They had many similar building projects, long distance trade networks, a main capital city, and many other factors that contributed to their success. Although they had many similar fea ... Continue Reading


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There were two types of interdependence that had existed up to the year 1000. One type of interdependence was between two civilizations, another was between civilizations and barbarians. Both these types of interdependence included trade. Other benevolent types of interaction like sharing of techno ... Continue Reading

Canterbury Tales: The Sergeant at the Law

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The Sergeant at the Law was a person of wisdom and knew the law extremely well. He “knew of every judgment, case and crime recorded, ever since King William’s time. He could dictate defenses or draft deeds,” He was obviously hardworking and wise, and gained a lot of resp ... Continue Reading

The Silk Road

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The main reason why I chose this chapter to analyze was because I am extremely interested in learning about that particular region of the world. For instance, South East Asia. I am fascinated with how the authors exemplified the social systems and historical impact of exchange networks that develop ... Continue Reading

The Silk Road

Word Count: 731 Approx Pages: 3

The main reason why I chose this chapter to analyze was because I am extremely interested in learning about that particular region of the world. For instance, South East Asia. I am fascinated with how the authors exemplified the social systems and historical impact of exchange networks that develop ... Continue Reading

Trade And Foreign Relations In The Han, Tang, And Song Dynasties

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The Importance of Trade and Foreign Relations In the Han, Tang, and Song Dynasties The history of China is a long and complex one. Boasting 13 different dynasties dating as far as back 18th century BC, China has the longest dated history in the world (Lecture 9/5). Within this history there a ... Continue Reading

Ancient Cultures

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Through out the middle ages, Europe was not the only place where trading and societies thrived. The Chinese and African kingdoms have also prospered and expanded. During the reign of Kublai Khan, the Chinese empire expanded. But even before the “Great Khan”, China was a advanced country. Along ... Continue Reading

Afghanistan-The Crossroads of History

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Afghanistan is located in central Asia. Its history goes back about 50,000 years ago. In the past centuries, many empires and cultures have affected Afghanistan. Empires in the Middle East, Asia and the Mediterranean world have shaped Afghanistan in some way. About 50,000 years ago, during the V ... Continue Reading

Han and Roman Empire

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The Han and Roman Empires The Roman Empire and the Han Empire were similar and different in many ways. Both were strong over powering empires that had their strengths and weaknesses and in this paper I will describe in detail to you about both empires. ... Continue Reading

Brief Synopsis on Han Dynasty Culture

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Han culture had a huge impact on modern China, and its effects still resonate today. The Chinese even call themselves the “people of the Han”. Trade from the Silk Road brought Greek and Roman influence; however, the culture remained, for the most part, Han. ... Continue Reading

The Mongol Trading Network

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During the thirteenth century, the Mongol empire dominated Eurasia through the conquests of Genghis Khan and several of his descendants. His territorial conquests allowed for the establishment of trade routes across great distanc ... Continue Reading

Tang And Personages

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The Tang Dynasty was a dynasty of immense power, great wealth, and sophistication. The preceding dynasty, Sui, was taken over by the Li Family. They were aristocrats from the North West who had past connections with the barbarians. The Li family was also support ... Continue Reading

Rome and Han China Comparison Essay

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There were four classical civilizations existing at the time of 1000BCE to 550CE. From the different regions of the world, civilizations were arising with unique culture and different lifestyle among them. From the four civilizations, Rome and Han China were the two significant ... Continue Reading


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As a great commercial and industrial city Venice attracted people from all over the world, which contributed to the cosmopolitan nature of the city. German merchants were housed in the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, located in the Rialto, the commercial heart of Venice. They provided Venice with necessitie ... Continue Reading

Tang Dynasty

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The Tang Dynasty was the greatest of all Chinese dynasties. The dynasty lasted for almost 290 years, from 618-907. Their empire, with about 20 leaders, was the largest and strongest in the world. It had strong religion, influencing medicines and technology, and ... Continue Reading


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Buddhism is one of the biggest religions founded in India in the 6th and 5th cent. BC by Siddhartha Gautama, called the Buddha. One of the great Asian religions teaches the practice of the observance of moral precepts. The basic doctrines include the four noble truths taught by the Buddh ... Continue Reading

Marco Polo

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This is a paper on Marco Polo’s life, discovery’s, and how he changed the world. Marco Polo was a great explorer. Throughout this paper I will tell you why he was a great explorer, and how he opened up the world. In 1253 Nicolo and Maffeo Polo set out on a trading journey to Constinople. Nico ... Continue Reading

Mongol Empire

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Throughout the history of the world and the advancement of mankind, there have been thousands of civilizations and empires. However, a few of these civilizations stand above all of the others and are recognized as the largest and most powerful kingdoms ever to rule. Civilizations such as Greece, R ... Continue Reading