Change Over Time : The Silk Road

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Elizabeth Kim, H3X, period 11 Change-over-Time: The Silk Road (100 B.C.E. "" 500 C.E.) ... One example is the Silk Road which linked China to the West from the 2nd century B.C.E. to the late 15th century C.E. ... Successful trading meant high profits for the trader and also for the towns along the ...


The Silk Road

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The Silk Road was an ancient trading route that connected China to the West. ... The Silk Road was an important element in the history of "œAsian Trade". The authors described this story from the commencing of the Silk Road, through its times, to where it was functioning at its highest potential (100 B.C.E), the impact&#...


The Silk Road

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The Silk Road was an ancient trading route that connected China to the West. ... The Silk Road was an important element in the history of "œAsian Trade". The authors described this story from the commencing of the Silk Road, through its times, to where it was functioning at its highest potential (100 B.C.E), the impact&#...


Brief Synopsis on Han Dynasty Culture

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Trade from the Silk Road brought Greek and Roman influence; however, the culture remained, for the most part, Han. ...


Canterbury Tales: The Sergeant at the Law

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Silk was probably extremely expensive then and could only be afforded by the more successful people. During that time period, only the silk road existed to bring items into Europe, and items that came from Asia are considered a rare luxury item. ...



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Trade along the Silk Road and sea routes propelled the song empire into a time of order, power, and economic prosperity. Many things that were made in china like porcelain and silks were traded along the Silk Road and sea routes. ... Another effect of the Silk Road was the spreading of gunpowder to the western world in the 2nd millennium. ...


Descriptive Essay

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Beautiful, as smooth as silk, not to be conceited but simply a sight to be seen. ... There were smooth roads, beautiful trees, along with marinas and other scenic views on the way. ...


Trade And Foreign Relations In The Han, Tang, And Song Dynasties

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Under this dynasty, trade flourished along with the creation and advancement of the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a trade route that connected China to the Mediterranean Sea, as far west as Rome (American Heritage Dictionary). ... They became middlemen in the trade between China and other countries along the Silk Road. ... Trade along the Silk Roa...


The Mongol Trading Network

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After conquering the Silk Road, a network of trade networks that connected East, South, and Western Asia with Europe, Genghis Khan realized how important it had become to his empire, seeing how much easier travel was for his soldiers. He then came up with the idea that he could use the Silk Road to have merchants and spies travel along...


Trade Between US and Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia and China traded using the Silk Road, which involved mostly China and Europe, the Burma Road and some other local trade routes on land. ... The Chinese traveled to Europe on the Silk Road by caravans, but the Chinese had to stop in Southeast Asia before they could reach Europe. ... In return, Southeast Asia got iron, ...


Afghanistan-The Crossroads of History

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His most noted achievement was the establishment of the Silk Road. This road opened up a trade route that linked China and the west. According to recent maps, we know that the Silk Road ran through the Persian Empire where present-day Afghanistan is located. ... The Chinese traded silk with the westerners for new foods, such as grapes, figs&#...


East asia and the americas

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The Chang"an also had canals, which connected the Tang Empire to the Silk Road and Indian Ocean Trade routes. ... Roads and canals linked the city with the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade network. ... Long distance trade roads were another aspect of both East Asia and the Americas. Chang"an was a main center of trade, and imported ...


Asia History

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They kept written accounts on silk and bamboo of important events. ... They improved roads, irrigation, and built bridges. ... There was also a network of trade routes that were established during this time called silk roads. ... This was the beginning of the silk roads, which is a network of trade routes. ... The silk roads served as...


Nomadic Groups Effect Upon Settled Socities

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An example of this is when the Xiongnu, a Turkish-speaking people from the Mongolian confederacy received silk and other fine goods from their trade and tributary dealings with the Han dynasty. ... Silk road. ... Chinese wealth, agricultural surpluses and finely produced goods such as silk all attracted the nomads interest. ... The Xiongnu also wore&#...


Tang And Personages

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There was a tax on grain, silk or hemp cloth, and floss or fiber. ... The Silk Road was used during the Tang Dynasty. The time of peace was when travelers of non-Chinese ancestry used the Silk Road. Merchants used the road to sell their goods and trade. Soldiers used the road to raid and conquer towns and villages. ...


Andy Warhol

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Warhol did many silk-screens on canvas; he also did acrylic on canvas. ... The blotted line technique leads to the silk-screening technique in which Warhol is very well known for. In the silk-screening method, he picked a photograph; blew it up, transferred it in glue onto silk, and then roll ink across it so the ink goes th...


Ancient Cultures

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The earliest, most direct and most used route came to be known as the Silk Road, because the most precious Chinese cloth was traded on it. After the discovery of a sea route from Europe to Asia later in the 15th century, the Silk Road, along with other land routes were gradually abandoned. ...


European Exploration

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In the West, great cities fell into ruins, roads became overgrown with vegetation, and trade with Asia, Africa, and the Middle East stopped. ... In 1271, Marco set out with his father and uncle on a journey, along the Silk Road which was an ancient trade route from Rome to China. ... Europeans sought such luxury items as silk, por...


Han and Roman Empire

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The paths of caravan traffic are often called the "œsilk road" because the route was used to export Chinese silk. ...


The Black Death In Eruope APA Format

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Robert Gottfrieds The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe, stats that the plague traveled from China, and thought to have been carried along the Silk Road into Central Asia in 1339. ... This was the famous \"Silk Road\" manly carrying oriental spices and silk. ...



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Tang rulers maintained a terrific network of roads. They built inns and postal stations along the roads, as well as stables, which provided a place for the people to rest. The well-maintained roads and resting spots made transportation more convenient and safer for people to travel. ... As Europeans were able to sail to Asia to trade,&...


Very important stuff

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Two men were found dead upon the road "¦ all the corn and vines destroyed, windows broken and even houses beaten down ... ... Thomas Jefferson, then an American minister in Paris, wrote that "there came a winter of such severe cold as without example ... the mercury was at times 50 F below freezing "¦ Great fires&...


Tang Dynasty

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The Tang Dynasty was the greatest of all Chinese dynasties. The dynasty lasted for almost 290 years, from 618-907. Their empire, with about 20 leaders, was the largest and strongest in the world. It had strong religion, influencing medicines and technology, and great poets. Let me t...


Faustus in Dr Faustus

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If everyone was involved in cleaning up the world"s problems instead of how they are going to get the stain out of their two thousand dollar silk suit. ... It shows that Faustus has no respect for theology because instead of working hard and achieving the wealth and power he so much homes to achieve, he takes the easy road to the Devil&...



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It is also known as the "œsilk-cotton" tree because of it"s seeds used as insulation in pillows and furniture. ... Canoes or rafts have served a good way of transportation but roads are the most popular. Although the terrain is rugged the roads are in pretty good condition. Most of the population travels these roads on donkeys. ...