Philosophy Of Education

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As a teacher new to the field, I have gained insight into issues and topics that are both controversial and straightforward. I would like to start out with why I became a teacher. The reason I chose to do well in school was due to the teachers that pushed me and encouraged me to do well. I didn' ... Continue Reading

School Violence

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Violence among youth, especially in schools, is one of American society’s most pressing concerns. Youth, like adults, are now more frequently using guns instead of fists to settle disputes. Also, whereas youth violence had once been thought to be an urban public school problem, s ... Continue Reading

what i learned in enlish 1

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My experience in English 1 was a good one. My teacher, Mrs. Shingler, was the best English teacher ever. Taking into consideration that English is not one of my favorite subjects, Mrs. Shingler taught us in a fun and easy way. She was very outgoing and made me fe ... Continue Reading

Robert Henri's Education

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In Robert Henri’s, Education, we explore the many ideas he has about education. He gives you advice about how you should take control of your own education, no matter how good or how bad your school is. Henri explains the importance of self-education thoroughly and carefully giving a certain styl ... Continue Reading


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The bell had rung and the students portrayed that miserable and depressing look of being in school as they moved about the numerous and at the same time crowded hallways. Some of us came from lunch, others going to lunch and others filled with a sense of freedom because they were done for the day an ... Continue Reading

Bes Teacher

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The best teacher is one who has enthusiasm about what he or she is teaching. This enthusiasm should rub off onto the students, making them feel excited about learning. A good teacher should be prepared every day in class in all aspects, so that he or she is in control of the entire classroom at all ... Continue Reading


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With the development of modern technology, and with the advent of the information and telecommunication age, we can aquire knowledge through different ways, such as using video, computers, and the Internet, which leads us to enter a broader sea of knowledge. Rather than distract from real learning, ... Continue Reading

Book Review: A Lesson Before Dying

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A Lesson Before Dying was written by Ernest J. Gaines. The novel takes place in the late 1940s. It is about a man named Jefferson who witnessed a shoot out in a liquor store. He is the only survivor so the town automatically assumes it was his fault. He is sente ... Continue Reading

Tenure: Good or Bad?

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Teaching has been seen as a noble and high position for centuries. Many great and influential people of this world have been called “teacher.” Socrates, Plato, Jesus Christ were all known as wonderful teachers. In order to be a true teacher, one must inspire his or her pupils to strive for a bet ... Continue Reading

Block Scheduling

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Block scheduling is the restructuring of the school day into classes that are much longer than the original 50-minute periods. A block schedule is different than the traditional 50-minute six to seven period days because it limits the number of classes in a school day to four and increases class tim ... Continue Reading

Why Should I Use Videos in Classes?

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Using Films to Develop Learner Motivation Movies may be employed in the classroom in a manner which both facilitates language learning and further encourages motivation. For anyone involved with language teaching there can be few more professionally demoralizing experiences than a class totally lac ... Continue Reading

Living As An Indian American

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Living in America can sometimes have its share of difficulties and problems, but at the same time, still be a great “land of opportunities.” I was about six years of age when I first moved to this country. Although still young, I had not received such a culture shock like my parents. Being young ... Continue Reading

Classroom Management Plan

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Part I: Philosophy, belief, and examples In today’s society people have many different opinions and philosophies on life. The same can be said for teachers. Even though some teachers may have similarities, I believe every teacher is different and has their won ... Continue Reading

Computers and Teaching

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During the last few years, the growth of computers related to teaching, has increased enormously, and is affecting the way teachers teach. The aid of computers has opened a broader world of different ways of teaching and learning. The thought of teaching in a class room without a computer is almo ... Continue Reading


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In essence, everything is related in one way or another. Some things are integral parts of others, no matter how far fetched they seem. An example of this is the idea of how education has the ability to liberate. Freire believed that there were two types of education apparent in this world. The ... Continue Reading

My Left Foot

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There were many people that impacted Christy’s development throughout the course of the book. But three stood out in my mind, they were his mother, Katriona Delahunt, and Dr. Robert Collis. All of these people affected Christy’s life in a positive manor. One of the people that impacted his lif ... Continue Reading

Miss Bessie

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Many times our lives don’t always go the way we want. So when we see an opportunity, we should take full advantage of it. The article “Miss Bessie, Memories of a teacher” by Carl Rowan, expresses this idea. In Tennessee, the teaching and learning is exceptional and it should be fully apprec ... Continue Reading

Public vs. private schooling

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For a middle-class or wealthy family, sending their child/children to a public or private school is a decision that closely reflects their values as Americans citizens. Everything from the articles we read to the votes we cast, are private matters that don’t place anything of personal value at sta ... Continue Reading

Graduation speech

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I have been given the privilege of being this year’s class valedictorian. The New Amsterdam Multilateral High School has played a very important part of my life. This was the school that I had aimed to attend since I was a mere child, and fortunately, I was given the esteem task of gaining my ... Continue Reading


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An area of employment in which I would like to work in the future is Education. Two jobs that I would like to do in this field include teaching or a school librarian. The reasons that I have chosen this career area include: having great job satisfaction, it is in ... Continue Reading

Nervous Grumblings

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I must admit that I am a victim of nervous grumblings. The nervous grumblings that I seem to struggle with the most are “I don’t have a big enough vocabulary to write well with”, “I just can’t seem to figure out what the teacher wants me to say in these essays”, and “I just can’t ... Continue Reading


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I did my observation at Ridgewood High School in Norridge Illinois. Ridgewood has approximately 1500 students. What is unique about Ridgewood high school is that they are one of the few schools that are on block scheduling instead of mod scheduling. One block is 90 minutes long. Each teacher tea ... Continue Reading

Effective Teaching

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The art of teaching is one that has been in practice for many centuries. The role that a teacher provides for students is very important to the advancement of general knowledge and higher learning. To be an effective teacher, certain obligations and actions must be taken to pursu ... Continue Reading

Mrs Young

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In my life, I have experienced many things. Some things in my life have been happy, some things sad, and some things that I dare not mention. When I was in high school, I did not want to go to college. All I wanted to do was to drink and drug myself to death. In one year, my life ch ... Continue Reading

Public School Systems

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Currently, public school districts are doing a very poor job of providing students with the education that is essential to excel in college courses. Changes need to occur in the school systems in order to better educate the students and prepare them for college. An increa ... Continue Reading