Nuclear Energy

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Emissions to the environment have been the principal focus of energy impact studies. Other significant impacts such as land disturbance and population displacement together with their economic and social implications are less emphasized. Major impacts such as depletion of natural resources and large ... Continue Reading

Cuomo Administration Emphasizes Shutting Down Indian Point Plant

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Despite former attempts to do so, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced his resolve to shut down the Indian Point nuclear plant. Many politicians before Cuomo intended to shut down the plant before but were never able to carry out their plans. Experts believe he should have much easier time ... Continue Reading

Three mile island

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The accident at Three Mile Island took place on March 28, 1979. The night shift team supervisor, operators, and remainder of trained but unlicensed auxiliary operators went to work unaware of what was going to happen to them that night. ... Continue Reading

Nuclear Contamination

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Perhaps the most threatening type of pollution to the environment is nuclear contamination. Nuclear accidents are usually caused by an explosion, in a nuclear power plant, or when nuclear wastes are disposed of incorrectly. These accidents allow nuclear contaminates to escape and pollute the surroun ... Continue Reading

Nuclear Energy Position Paper

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The use of nuclear energy for the production of electricity is safe, economical, and doesn’t hurt the environment. It is has been used for over thirty years and few incidents have occurred. One problem with nuclear energy is the radioactive waste. It is hard to dispose of. About twenty years ago ... Continue Reading


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Aristotle has claimed that political science “determines which of the sciences should be in the communities, and which of the sciences should be in the communities, and which kind individuals are to learn, and what degree of proficiency is to be required.” Based upon this claim, he has placed m ... Continue Reading

Nuclear Waste

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Ever since the introduction of coal as a viable source of energy, there are have been opponents. No matter what kind of energy was/is purposed, there are always two sides to the argument. The latest and most heated controversy is related to nuclear power. The method of producing the power, which ... Continue Reading


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There are different accounts to this story but the basic plot to this story is that on April 26, 1986 in Chernobyl, a city that was at the time part of U.S.S.R. (now part of Ukraine), there was one of the world’s most fatalistic nuclear disasters. The disaster at Che ... Continue Reading


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“A choir sang and the world watched as an engineer in a white lab coat switched off the last reactor at the Chernobyl power plant Friday, more than 14 years after it spewed a radioactive cloud across Europe, killing thousands in history's worst nuclear accident.” –NewsMax ... Continue Reading


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The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel and without proper regard for safety (World Nuclear Association 1). Throughout history there have been a select few catastrophes involving nuclear energy. These unfortun ... Continue Reading

Nuclear Power

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The sun and stars are seemingly inexhaustible sources of energy. That energy is the result of nuclear reactions, in which matter is converted to energy. We have been able to harness that mechanism and regularly use it to generate power. Presently, nuclear energy provides for approximately 16% of the ... Continue Reading

Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Fission: Better Form of Energy Production? There are many advantages and disadvantages that come from the use of nuclear power plants as well as coal-burning power plants. Many of the safety concerns that appear are over environmental safety as well as human safety. Both of these power p ... Continue Reading