Trust Worthy Yet?

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Trustworthy Yet? ... Because of this many of there products produced were not very trustworthy as far as security is concerned. ... A company by the name of Trustworthy Computing is now affiliated with Microsoft. ... A survey of 161 Information Security readers found mixed opinions about Trustworthy Computing. ... Analysts say that it&#...


Henry V: A good King

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King Henry is a trustworthy and strong king because he is able to put aside his personal feelings for the good of his kingdom and has a good relationship with the commoners and nobles. ...


Friendship: George and Lennie

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In my opinion, the ideal friend has the qualities of trustworthiness, understanding, and companionship. To me, trustworthiness is being able to tell your friend whatever you are feeling and know at the same time, that they are going to keep your secrets. I think that George has the quality of trustworthiness in his and Lennie"s&#...


a worn path

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She is a trustworthy, responsible, and caring human being. First, trustworthiness is a strong characteristic that my mother possesses. She is very trustworthy in the fact that she is very reliable. ... In conclusion, my mother stands out above the rest because of her trustworthiness, responsibility, and caring ways. ...


A Virtuous Women

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I define virtue or virtuous as loving, caring, self-sacrificing and trustworthy. Webster defines trustworthy as being worthy of trust. I define trustworthy as a reliable person that has the ability to earn ones trust. I have falling short in several areas of trustworthy with family, friends, co-workers and myself. ... A vir...


Lanval, Chilvary and Homosexuality

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" Lanval, the main character, shows chivalry through being singled out, generous, being loyal to the king, having consideration for women, and being trustworthy. ... He shared his gifts with the other knights and never says a word about the fairy queen, which is also showing some of his trustworthy side. ... Lanval shows three&#...


Eliza and the 6 pillars of Character

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They are; trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. ... Eliza fit the description of trustworthiness because she was always honest and open minded with her options about things. ...



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Friendship is usually mistaken or misunderstood by people. Some people use friendship to manipulate their friends and get things they want. Many times the person being used does not even notice. Shakespeare"s Julius Caesar is one of the most famous plays ever. It is a story about all the...


What is Knowledge

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Which sources of knowledge - books, websites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other "" do you consider most trustworthy, and why? ... In all sense of the word every source of knowledge is valuable and trustworthy in its own way. ... One would think that one"s personal experiences with a situation would&...



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To me a true friend is someone who is fun, trustworthy, and understanding. ... Another very important factor in a friend is trustworthiness. ...


Enemies of trust

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Enemies of Trust Do you think of yourself as an honest, trustworthy person? ... There are many factors present in an organization that will destroy trust; in order for a company to remain trustworthy it must protect itself from these factors. ...


Luke Skywalker vs. King Arthur

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Dating as far back as the 9th century, the path a character takes in a story to become a hero has not varied greatly. The details surrounding the character, such as his lifestyle, time period and others, deviate greatly however the underlying theme of the journey remains constant. There is always ...


Children as pets

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It might be true; but I have a strong feeling that a teenager is a person"s best friend because of how affectionate, well groomed, and trustworthy they are. ...


Iago and his character

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Iago comes across as a nice, truthful, and trustworthy person. However the audience and the other characters soon learn he is a liar and manipulative. The trouble he causes ends up backfiring, as he soon gets found out on his actions. He plays on the other characters weaknesses, and plays them a...


Ethos, Logos and Pathos

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Aristotle defined ethos as the sense of credibility or trustworthiness that an author establishes in his or her writing. ...


Ideal Prime Minister

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To the average Canadian, it is a given that characteristics of being trustworthy, and respectable are expected in a Prime Minister. ...


College Essay

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I feel that I am trustworthy, compassionate, and optimistic. ... I feel that I am trustworthy within my relationships, family, and my life. ...


The Deterioration of Macbeth

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In the beginning he is loyal and trustworthy to many people including King Duncan. ... Macbeth now has again changed in character from a loyal, trustworthy man, to weak and dependent, and now to strong and determined. ...


True Friends

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True friends are the people who are dependable, trustworthy, and will always be there in times of distress and laughter. ...


Great Gatsby-Nick Callaway

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The Trustworthiness of Nick Callaway F. Scott Fitzgerald"s The Great Gatsby is a novel that elegantly and truthfully details the period of American history known as the Roaring Twenties. Taking place on the West and East Eggs of Long Island, The Great Gatsby tells the tale of Jay Gatsby (an i...


Hunting-The Good And The Bad

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Hunting is considered one of the nations most strategic sports. Hunters must have outstanding eye and hand coordination and have full operation of his/hers five senses to have a safe and successful hunt. Hunters must be responsible, trustworthy, and honest hunters, and have respect for the environme...



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Of all the characters in Shakespeare's Othello, none is more complex and of great depth and dimension than "œhonest" Iago. A person of vengeance and dishonesty inspired by jealousy, yet portrayed by every character as honest and trustworthy. To help coax this image of honesty he outwardly ad...



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He is able to be very sweet, innocent and trustworthy, and quickly transform to a hostile, violent state. ...


Macbeth’s Character

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Macbeth"s Character At the start of the play Macbeth is characterized as an exceptionally noble man, who is both trustworthy and honorable. ...


A Man of Betayals

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A Man Of Betrayals There once was a comfortable man named James Muster, living in his comfortable life. He loved his wife and his two children Anna and Charles. In almost every moment of his free time he was hanging out with his best friend Michael. Michael was a trustworthy and ve...