Glacier's in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin has an abundant amount f lakes and rivers. ... "œThe glacier retreated from northern Wisconsin about 9,500 years ago" (University of Wisconsin-Extension [UWEX], 1990). ... Why Wisconsin Has So Many Lakes and Wetlands. Retrieved September 17, 2003 from: http://www.ourdoorcentral.com/mc/pr/03/07&#...


Ethnic Diversity in college

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At UW-Madison, you will be part of a diverse ethnic community whose richness is an important element of the education of all its members. ... University of Wisconsin-Madison has made great strides to increase its diversity and enrich its community. ... At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, campus diversity initiatives will have positive e...


The “Embryonic Stem Cell” Rese

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Introduction In November 1998, the first time human embryonic stem cells had been successfully isolated and cultured by group of University of Wisconsin-Madison developmental biologists led by James Thomson. ... In many science articles and most noticeable in the article "œEmbryonic Stem Cell Information" of University of Wisconsin-Madison, they define ES&...


Our Town

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"œOur Town" By Thornton Wilder Thornton Niven Wilder was born in Madison, Wisconsin on April 17, 1897. ... He received education in Hong Kong, and after his high school graduation, attended college""graduating from Yale University with a literary degree. ... Professor Willard is an employee at the state university,&...


Aldo Leapold

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Aldo Leopold Aldo Leopold is considered the father of wildlife ecology and a true Wisconsin hero. ... Forest Products Laboratory in Madison where he served as associate director, and began teaching at the University of Wisconsin in 1928. ... After its publication, the University of Wisconsin created a new department, the Department o...


Aldo leopold

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He received a Master of Forestry from Yale University in 1909. ... Leopold worked in the southwest (New Mexico and Arizona) until he was transferred in 1924 to the Forest Products Lab in Madison, Wisconsin. ... In 1933 he was appointed Professor of Game Management in the Agricultural Economics Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Leop...


Affirmative Action

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A study done in 1997 for the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a good example of how affirmative action policies have failed and are meaningless due to the number of academically unprepared black students that were entering the university system. Ultimately, the university failed to reach their "œenrollment, retention, and graduation goals for Black ...


John Muir

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When he was eight years old, his family emigrated from Scotland to a farm near Portage, Wisconsin. ... At twenty-two he left home to exhibit his mechanical inventions at the State Fair in Madison, Wisconsin. There he received his first public recognition for his inventions by Wisconsin State Journal. ... While at the fair, he met Jeanne Carr,...


my interest in computers

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Right since the beginning of my undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering at University of Mumbai, doing a Masters in Computer Science and making software related to Chemical Engineering was my next desire .I took CAD as my elective and currently completing my thesis on "œDesign of Agitated Vessel "œ. ... This belief arises out of the experienc...


The Gaia Hypothesis

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He graduated from Manchester University as a chemist, and taught at Baylor University College of Medicine in the US from 1961-64. He has worked independently and been a visiting professor at numerous universities. ... She graduated with an A.B. from the University of Chicago in 1957. She earned her M.S. in zoology and genetics from the Univer...


Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin on the 8th June 1867. ... When he was twelve his family moved to Madison, where he attended High School. At the age of 13, Wright witnessed the collapse of the State of Wisconsin Capital Building on itself, killing 40 workers that were inside. ... He left Madison without finishing High...


Jean Toomer

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Eventually he decided to go to college at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he intended to study scientific agriculture.(McKay) During his first year at Wisconsin he discovered that he had no interest or intentions in studying scientific agriculture. ... Also while in Wisconsin this is where he received his first mature introduction into&#...


Psuedomonas aerguinosa

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University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Bacteriology <http://www.bact.wisc.edu/Bact330/lecturepseudomonas>. 2. ...


Should Speech Codes Be Allowed On College Campuses?

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The women complained and the politically correct university officials launched an investigation. ... In defense of the University's action against Jacobowitz, Penn President Sheldon Hackney never mentioned the importance of free speech on a college campus. ... (Shapiro/Sparks 25) The University of Wisconsin at Parkside suspended one stude...


Frank L. Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College

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Born in Wisconsin in 1867, Wright lived on several estates with his family before eventually returning to his birth state to study at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. ... Spivey on an appropriate design for the new campus, they both agreed that the students of the college deserved something that hadn't been modeled before as school campus unlike&...


National Drinking Age

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Sue Bauman, Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, agrees, "œthe current drinking age is illogical, unfair and counterproductive in combating downtown alcohol problems"(Conant 1). Mayor Bauman and Chancellor Wiley from the University of Wisconsin point out that their biggest challenge to reducing campus binge drinking is the 21-year-old drinking age....


Understanding Aggression

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One study was performed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where psychologists observed brain-imaging data from a large group of people with aggressive personality disorder.... A group of researchers at Yale University led by John Dollard developed the frustration-aggression hypothesis. ...


The Life of Charles Lindbergh

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On February 4th 1902, Charles Lindbergh was born to Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Sr., and Evangeline Lodge Land in Detroit, Michigan. His father served in the U.S Congress between the years 1907 and 1917. His mother, on the other hand, was a teacher of chemistry first at Cass Technical High School, t...


The Benefits of Cloning Technology

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Probably the most well known experiment with a mammal is the cloning of a sheep at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1997. ...


Movies, From Silent Films, To Silent Theaters

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Works Cited Balio, Tino: the American film industry, Madison: university of Wisconsin Press, 1976 Sklar, Robert: movie made America, New York: Random House, 1975 Squire, E, Jason ed., The Movie business Book, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1983 Movie Picture World, February 1, ...


Notes on Cell Phones, Texting and Driving

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., professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and internationally recognized expert in driver distraction, texting while driving is a \"perfect storm\" of driver distraction.\" \"Research on distracted driving has begun to reveal the scope and magnitude of the distracted driving epidemic:\" \"Texting...


The political, social and economic affects of Mao

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He was a professor of economics at Stanford University. ... Meisner is currently the Harvey Goldberg Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Visiting Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics. ...


Cloning Essay - For or against?

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Joseph Jerry and his team of scientists based their research on the failure of a different technology, which was developed by a team of scientists led by Neal First of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. ... Arthur Caplan a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia thinks that the technique of the fusing of the eggs will always&#...


Reproductive Cloning

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REPRODUCTIVE CLONING AND STEM CELL RESEARCH Reproductive cloning has been under talk for years and scrutinized by many. Over the years two methods of human cloning has been developed. Even though human cloning has huge medical possibilities, many do still not accept it. Through stem cells, ...



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Davidson a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison states, "œ...scientists speculate that rumination is the failure to attenuate (loose intensity over time) negative emotion after a negative even occurs, resulting in it persisting in that part of the brain. ...