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University Experience Paper

Coming into college, I really have no idea what to expect. I have heard a lot of different things from a lot of different people. Right now I am starting to get the feel for the university experience, but I still have a lot ahead of me. I pretty much have tried to keep an open mind about everything that I will be exposed to. Many people have told me their opinions and thoughts about the college experience. I have heard a lot of different points of view and many of them are very different. I have finally realized that it does not matter what others think about USF and the experience here. Everyone has different thoughts on USF, certain classes, activities, fraternities, and anything else that I will be exposed to. However, I cannot listen to everybody. I will have to keep an open mind and develop my own thoughts about all of these things. I am expecting to see and do a lot of new things. College will hopefully broaden my knowledge about many issues that I have not even thought about. USF will help me become a more diverse person. Meeting new people, participating in new activities, and living in different conditions will help me open my mind to things that I did not even knew existed. That is my main expectation and the biggest reason I am attending USF. I also expect to be prepared for my future. I hope that USF will help me get ready for my future career in whatever line of work I may choose. I feel as though this university can do this. Lastly, I expect to learn a lot of new things. Whether it be about music, sports, life lessons, etc., I want to be a well rounded person when coming out of the university. My overall goal while attending USF is to be prepared for the future while still having fun and learning about many different subjects. I expect to become very knowledgeable and well rounded once graduated.

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