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A New Process Of Thought

             It is a new era, a new time and a new system. We as a society must begin to think as individuals and not as affiliated groups. So the dilemma of how we integrate our new “process of thought” as the title suggests, into how we perceive the world and our surroundings begins.
             When I was three, I moved to America from Australia, nothing out of the ordinary seeing as though I was not yet accustomed to my surroundings of Australia as many of my older relatives were. I grew up not precisely knowing about other cultures or even the history of the one I had come from years earlier. This lack of knowledge kept me from being a more understanding individual as I grew into adolescence and started coming into contact with others from various backgrounds and nationalities. This was not uncommon among my peers but it still was not acceptable by any means. As I drifted through my teenage years I would always receive the moronic questions from my friends about whether or not Australians really had kangaroos and why anyone would ever want a stick that would come back to them after they threw it away. So two days after I received my diploma in the mail I was aboard a 747 airplane on my way to Australia to start learning more about life and to answer some questions of my own.
             The overcrowded airports, the overused lavatories and the recycled air on the planes were the first of many obstacles on my trip but well worth it. I went from a cold Minnesota morning on December 8th to a rainy, but much warmer Australian morning on December 10th in roughly thirty hours of traveling. I was happy to be home.
             As soon as I walked in the door of 94 Dudley Street of Sydney’s eastern suburbs I knew things were going to be different. First of all, when someone says “I wish we could just sit on the beach all day”, five minutes later that’s what your typically doing. The real excitement is the nightlife though.