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Violent Video Games

             In this fast pace changing world it only seems that violence is becoming more accepted with any age group. It is evident that the past 10 years are becoming increasing with tolerance for what appears on TV, movies, and especially video games. This is the 21st century and games are looking more realistic then ever! Every year the graphics of games improve with detail, people, and the scenery. Content in games are becoming racier in sexual manners, implications of drug use, and bloodshed, having a realistic tone to the action. The manufactures of Sony’s PlayStation 2 are making games that appeal to the older generation, Nentendo64 appeals more towards the younger generations. No matter what generation, systems are going towards the games being produced are increasingly getting more violent and sending the wrong message to society. .
             The violence depicted against women and the sexual nature of Grand Theft Auto-Vice City and others like it earned the video game industry and “F” from a group that examines the impact of mass media on children. David Walsh is the President of the National Institute on Media and Family and he says “If we think Sesame Street taught out 4 year olds something, then what do we think Grand Theft Auto-Vice City is teaching our 14-year-olds?”(www.msnbc.com). .
             Video games which are meant for mature adults tend to find their ways in the hands of children all too easy. Parents and retailers need to do a better job of keeping these games away from the children. “The video game industry says that 80 percent of the time parents are with their children when games are purchased, and that ultimately, parents must pay more attention to what they’re buying” (www.gamewhiz.com) The Industry maintains violent games make up only about ten percent of all games. Some in Congress are urging retailers to adopt and enforce a standard policy that would make sure violent video games are only sold to adults.