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Respect is something that a person or persons who is talking or in general is given when the attention is on them or in an academic environment. The type of respect that I am writing about is the respect given to a person or persons in an academic environment. One thing you should not do when people are reading or studying is talk. That is why I am writing this essay because I did not give the needed respect to my classmates in the classroom. Even though I had nothing to do I should have been courteous enough to give my classmates the respect that they deserved in the classroom. Though I was not reading or studying I was goofing around and talking there for I did not give the proper respect to my classmates when it was needed. There are a couple of sayings that I know that are about respect such as: to get respect you have to give respect, and the most common I think is be respectful of other around you even if they are not respectful to you. Though others were talking around me I should not have taken part in talking with them because I causes even more of a distraction to others when there is more than one person talking around you. It also got me into trouble and now I have to write an essay on it. Respect towards others is needed and should be taught because if you have no respect for others then you will probably not get respect, even if it is not in an academic environment it is just good manners to have respect towards people especially your peers. Respect can get you far in life. Once you give respect you will almost with out a doubt get it back which is a good thing. For example: if you give respect to someone that is studying when you are studying they will probably and hopefully give you the same respect that you gave to them when they were studying. Most people get favors from other people either because they are friends, or pay them money, or have done them favors, or know their families, they also get favors from other pe

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