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Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

            The Role Men and Women Have Played Through-out Time.
             Have the roles of women and men changed through out time; if the roles have changed what are the changes? Can looking at children’s picture books portray these changes? After analysis of five books found in the garage at home, there may be evidence in the books that would suggest that man’s role has maintained but the woman’s role has only somewhat changed. The way that women view their selves and the way women are view by men. .
             The Little Engine That Could wrote by Watty Piper1930. In this book, the female dolls wore very bright, colorful and cute little dresses with either a ribbon in their hair or a hat with flowers. The male dolls wore bright relaxed looking outfits and hats. In addition, the older men wore suits. Mr. Piper also gave gender to the trains. The male trains are dark, rough and sharp looking while the female trains are very bright, soft and gentle looking. .
             In 1973, Walt Disney produced a book about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In this book, the female wore a bright colorful dress with a ribbon in her hair the same as the female in The Little Engine That Could. The male still looked about the same, but many of them wore beards. This story shows more about the roles of male and female though. It shows the female as loving and caring as she cleans up after the males and feeds them. It also shows the female animals as loving and caring, as they seemed to get comfort from the strong males who seemed to be the protectors. The males seemed to go out during the daytime with their tools to go work while the female stayed at home. .
             Walt Disney also produced Cinderella in 1974. In this book, the females wore bright beautiful dresses, ribbons in their long hair. The older women wore darker more subtle dresses and jewelry with a much more sophisticated look. Even though the dresses looked uncomfortable the women spent time preparing there self’s for the men.