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Why Have Our Family Values Changed?

            With the relentless angles of the media in our society today, it is no wonder we are living to see the horrific, hear the unbelievable, and speak the unspeakable. Why do we thrive on the carnage we see on television? Why do we need to be surrounded by the exploitations of the less fortunate, day after day?.
             Television today shows us, in an instant, a scene of global death and despair. Turn to any channel and be prepared to endure a moment where front stage, you are virtually living a situation that in earlier days, would only have been exposed to the closely associated individuals. .
             Television strips the values that have been passed on to us by our parents, by their parents, and their parents’ parents. Television allows the whole world, in any given moment, to view a narrow spectrum of someone’s beliefs or ideas that they hope and pray will give them fame or even better, fortune. Have we become so bombarded with the trash that we have succumbed to its poisonous effects? Who are the people who produce these programs that they thrust in front of us, because it is something they think we need to know? Who are they? Who are they to say we need to be aware of such things? What drives them to show us, members of a presumably respectable society, the most vulgar and despicable things humanly possible?.
             Take any talk show today, for instance. “Why I slept with my mother’s boyfriend.” What person in their right mind would submit to that kind of behavior if it has not been accepted as the norm and socially acceptable? Does it make it right just because it is on television? Should these situations be dealt with on a more personal level with only the parties involved, not the entire planet? .
             We, as the good people of this country, need to put our foot down and say this is enough. We need to set the stage to view the good things in our lives. We need to demand to be surrounded by good intentions, not negative distractions to further complicate our already hectic lives.