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            Mike’s backpackers web site for is committed to maintaining a sociable online community where all the customer despite the gender, race, age and technical background feel at they are in a hassle-free and comfortable environment. To maintain this comfortable environment we have implemented polices and procedures that our users must agree and abide by. To continue apart of the friendly community members must be considerate to others. Repeated violations of these polices will result in the member being banned from reentering the community forum.
             These forums persuade an extensive variety of opinions. We want to maintain that the posts focused on the topic of the forum in which you are submitting your message. These topics range from equipment, trip locations, safety and travel advice. Each forum has a different topic, so what is appropriate in one forum or thread may not be appropriate in another. All inquiries are to be answered in the forums and not answered by email. We want everyone to be able to benefit from the replies and its content.
             If you do not hold the copyright trademark it is illegal to post any content that dose not have trademark or is copyrighted. You will need the authorization of the author or owner of the copyrighted material to be able to content that is protected by copyrights. You will not be able to include full text of news from another source or articles. We recommend that if you wish to post information about a previously written document that you copy and paste the link into the forum. You may paraphrase the document as long as you give the source so that the members can read for them selves. If you violate this policy you will be banned from this community forum. We do not want to post false information. We want to uphold our reputation and become a reliable source of information. .
             Promotion, advertising, or solicitation for XXX adult or sexually explicit work IS NOT permitted.