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Concert Reaction

             Concert Reaction: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
             For Valentines Day my girlfriend and I decided to do go see the Cincinnati Symphony. When I called for tickets I was pleasantly surprised that an anonymous donation had been made and seats were only five dollars. Our good fortune did not stop there, a pair of seats that usually belong to a season ticket holder of more than twenty-five consecutive years became available and the ticket broker gave them to me. From our amazing every detail of the performance was visible. Everyone was nicely dressed, and you didn't see talking really loudly during the performance. When the concertmaster walked on stage, everyone knew that a polite round of applause was expected. The concert etiquette at the symphony was a new and unique experience for me.
             The Cincinnati Symphony is an amazing ensemble of professional musicians, made up of a fairly equal number of men and women. I enjoyed the first half of the concert. The piece performed was Tchaikovsky's Concert in D Major for Violin and Orchestra. The guest soloist was a young woman named Jennifer Koh. She was amazing to watch. The piece began with a movement that varied in tempo. It was evident that Ms. Koh became submerged into the music; her entire body moved with every motion of her bow and her expressions depicted the mood during the movement. The conductor was entertaining to watch. At one minute be simply keeping the beat and then the next moving his whole body to get the symphony or soloist to respond to his actions.
             The second piece that was performed after intermission was Symphony #4 in C Major by Franz Schmidt. It was the first time that the Cincinnati Symphony was performing this piece. There was no soloist so it was somewhat less exciting to watch. The piece was more mellow and cooler in many ways. One interesting observation I made was that, the principals of each string section had small solos that would set the ton

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