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Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

Smoking should be banned in public places

Probably each of us has experienced a situation, when we were standing on a bus stop or sitting in a restaurant and someone near started to smoke a cigarette. We became unwillingly second-hand smokers. This is happening to me very often and every time I wish smoking would be banned in public places. The smoke not only is unpleasant but it is also unhealthy. So the smoker not only damages his own health, but also the health of the others.

A lot of people argue that smokers have their rights and that we live in a democratic country, where everyone can do whatever he wants as far as he does not break the laws. According to these people legalization of a law, which prohibits smoking in public places is against the personal rights of the smokers. After all, they are not violating the rights of the others, because the non-smokers can leave whenever they want. But would it not be more reasonable for the smoker to leave when they want to smoke a cigarette? In my opinion it would, because the smoker want to do something that limits the people around him and not vice versa.

It is known that smoking is unhealthy and causes cancer. But not many people try to stop the spreading of it. The most common reaction is ˜I do not smoke and if someone wants to why should I suppress it him? It is his life.' That is right. But why should we support him? Because when smoking is allowed almost everywhere, it appears to the smokers that smoking is totally normal. However, it is not. In other cases, activities, which protect health, are thought to be normal. Smoking is obviously unhealthy, so it should be considered as an exceptional behaviour and should be limited.

Another problem with the smoking in public places is, that from the babyhood we see people smoking and then we presume it is normal to smoke. As I read on the internet more than 50% of the teenagers began to smoke because they wante

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