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Does Polygamy Work for all American Women?

            Does Polygamy Work for all American Women?.
             Elizabeth Joseph’s “My Husband Nine Wives” has a strong opinion for the American working female to consider. A dictionary defines polygamy as “marriage in which a spouse of either sex may have more than one mate at the same time.” Joseph explains how polygamy work and play a positive role in her own life. The main focus of her essay is how polygamy marriages can help out the modern career women in day-to-day activities. Many women find it difficult to juggle a career and a married home life, without a compromise in one or both of the sections– Joseph writes to show the paradise of balance between the two life’s. Joseph tells us that polygamy is an empowering lifestyle for her. Joseph’s article is full of valid arguments; she explains the advantage of having other people helping her life to be a strong goal career woman. .
             In her opening paragraph Joseph tells us she understands the law in Utah, she also explains how the opposite is true in her case. Her detailed description of her week depicts how much is involved with being a wife and how polygamy has worked for her to balance her life, husband, and her needs as an American, busy women in modern society. Polygamy has positive qualities such as workload sharing for women who do not mind “sharing” a husband.
             One example of how polygamy works for Joseph is that she can provide a solution for the problems of working mothers. It seems like a pretty good idea for professional women, who can proceed with their careers and have someone at home they can trust to watch their children. It solves the day-care problem. Instead of her daughter, London, going to a day-care center, Joseph feels comfortable knowing that her two-year-old will be at home surrounded by loving adults, Alex’s other wife, Diane. It may seem as this would not be obvious support for polygamy, but it may work for some people, and maybe it can make raising children easier for those women trying to juggle careers and motherhood.