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Old Age

             Years don't pass in vain. For some people, time passes for good. For others, time passes and destroys their lives. Young people see time as a good thing. For them, time means to grow up and gain knowledge. For old people, it means to grow older, to lose something, or to get worse everyday. Being old is always difficult. To be old means to have physical health problems; it means to go through mental health problems; and, most difficult it means to experience emotional problems.
             Old people struggle with physical problems such as health problems and pain. Most of the elderly have health difficulties. The elderly usually suffer from fatigue, sleeplessness, poor appetite, rapid change in weight, constipation or diarrhea, headaches and, dizziness. Pain is another thing that makes life more complicated for aged people. They experience vague aches and swellings around the joints. They also go through foot problems: such as ingrown toenails, fungus infections, excessive coldness, pain, or inability to walk. Furthermore, elderly people often lose their ability to taste and smell.
             Even more difficult than physical problems, old people experience mental slow downs such as lose of memory and difficulty of concentration. Memory is one of the things that the old people lose more and more as they get older. Gradual memory decline is part of normal aging. Elderly have difficulties in remembering what happened yesterday or sometimes, remembering what happened a couple hours ago. For old people it becomes more difficult to pay attention to more than one thing at a time. Concentration is very difficult for them because of distractions or preoccupations. It takes greater effort to learn something new. It's more difficult to remember familiar names and vocabulary words on demand. Also, it takes longer to bring to mind information from long-term memory.
             But mental health problems are not as hard as the emotional problems

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