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Femininity, what the dictionary left out

             fem•i•nine P Pronunciation Key (f m -n n).
             Characterized by or possessing qualities generally attributed to a woman. .
             3. Effeminate; womanish. .
             4. Grammar. Designating or belonging to the gender of words or grammatical forms that refer chiefly to females or to things classified as female. .
             This is the definition that a dictionary will give you one the word feminine. I don’t know if this definition is long outdated, or that it just needs some serious work, but I would like to tell you what the word feminine means to me. I have never been a graceful girl, I don’t smile politely when I am interrupted, and I’m never on time; but I still feel feminine. I like to wear baggy pants sometimes, I bite my nails, and I smoke cigarettes when I’m nervous, but I still look feminine. When my friends and I hang out we don’t do “girlie” things, like cross our legs at the table, but we still are feminine. What I am getting at is that the word feminine really shouldn’t mean “to be a woman”, nor should it apply to the ways that women used to be categorized. This definition should definitely be updated to fit our very diverse era. .
             I have many homosexual guy friends that are quite a bit more feminine than I am, but in the definition above, they are not listed. I don’t classify them as female, they are feminine, and they are male. If I were to ask people who they believed to be more feminine; Jenny McCartney, (remember the girl from MTV’s “singled out” that always burped and farted) or Will from “Will and Grace,” I think that most people would agree that Will is quite a bit more feminine than Jenny. Even though Will is a man, he can still possess feminine qualities. However, in the dictionary, Jenny would fit the definition much better, only because she is a woman, and looks woman like. Now I’m not saying that Jenny isn’t feminine, because that is completely wrong.