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Sexual Harassment

Today, it is not only the sexual urges of men that cause sexual harassment. In the Philippines, a lot of sexual harassment stories can be heard. Sexual harassment is still one of the major labor issues here. An employee not knowing that she was being harassed already and only thought that it was only some romantic advances; and co-worker brushes against a co-worker and repeatedly finds opportunities to brush against her, are several stories persistently occurring in the Philippines. Some reasons why these incidents are continuously occurring are because many paid little attention and many women who are harassed initially ignored the situation. Resolutions had been made already to eliminate such issues; one example is the Republic Act No. 6725. It is an "act strengthening the prohibition on discrimination against women with respect to terms and conditions of employment, amending for the purpose article one hundred thirty-five of the labor code, as amended.  Another way is the publication of articles, newspapers and books about the things to do when it happens to you.

For people today, sexual harassment is treated as a normal incident. And because of such attitude, worse comes to worst. It was only last year that a study revealed that sales ladies were asked to show legs at work. According to INQ7, "This is the profile of women contractual workers today who bear the indignities and sexual advances in the workplace just to get hired and keep their jobs, according to a study by the Center for Women's Resources among 420 contractual workers in 37 companies nationwide.  Poverty is the main reason why women were pushed to such actions. Because of the difficulty in finding jobs and the desire to get hired, they were left with no choice but to follow their bosses. SM Management asked applicants to show their legs to see that they do not have ugly scars. The news also stated that women who refused to work overtim

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