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Grandparents Are the Most Important People In Our Society

             Grandparents are, to a certain extent, the most important people in our society. They were the ones who indirectly ensured our existence on this planet. Times have changed but their roles in our families have not. They continue to be sources of support and encouragement when we are feeling low.
             Grandparents help to look after the children of the ever-busy working parents.
             They also help to reinforce and instil good moral and family values in the young. Some People may think that grandparents may be just another bunch of old folks with nothing better to do than boss them around. However, this is completely untrue. They have our interests at heart and want to ensure that we grow up into decent young adults.
             Among us are people who may acquire future positions in the government whatever decision they make will affect the entire nation. Here, their values and morals will come into play. They will not make decisions because it will benefit them, but, make decisions that benefit the nation. In today’s fast paced world, most families’ have both the father and mother working, leaving no time for them to teach their children the rights from wrongs. At this point, the only ones who can help are grandparents. Without them, I can only imagine how chaotic our society will become.
             One must remember - we are not forever young. In another four to five decades or so, we ourselves may be grandparents. We may, like our grandparents, “nag” at our grandchildren to make them be more disciplined and civil. Only then, will we realise how grateful we are towards are grandparents for constantly “bossing” us around. Therefore, they are considered one of the most important groups of people in our society for nurturing us into civilized, disciplined citizens.
             However it may seem that their roles are the most important, I believe that teachers have more important roles. They are the ones who educate the future of Singapore - us.

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