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Canterbury Tales

            In the Canterbury Tales every society throughout history has its share of hypocrites. Even the bible reveals characters who are corrupt and greedy. Chaucer shows the weakness of the Pardoner, the Friar, and the Monk through satire. Many of these characters in the Canterbury Tales put on a front or an act to mislead people away from their true identity. .
             The Pardoner is a good story teller. “But let me briefly make my purpose plain, I preach for nothing but for greed of gain.” (pg. 129 lines 1 & 2) when he preachers about God, he knows what he is talking about and his stories were based on good moral teachings with good points. The Pardoner sells fake relics to poor and sick people. He made them believe that they would be healed. He told a story about greed being the center of all evil, but in fact he was the most greedy of them all. Asking for money for the church and selling fake relics to poor and ill. He would also pardon people for large sums of money and said that it was ok and mislead people. Satire was truly used through his character. .
             The Friar is a greedy man. Who likes to start and pick fights with people at taverns. The Friar is a priest on the other hand and really is a good one because of the fine and worldly clothing he wears you can tell he foes well. When he tries to get money for the church he acts like a real priest, but to get his money he beg from poor old widows. He is nothing like a true priest such as the Parson. The Friar is greedy and wears expensive clothing unlike a true priest who cares about God and others. When people come him to confess he will sell them absolutions for money because of his greed and because of that he is a wealthy man. He likes to buy city dames and acts very worldly. He does the exact things he tells people no to do. He shows true satire. .
             The Monk supposedly devotes his life to prayer. In the Canterbury Tales he does none of that.