Service Development

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This paper will address service development as it relates to my final MKT Marketing 421 paper and project.

The fictitious company I have chosen for my final project is an organization called Mobile Medical Services. This organization provides emergency and non-emergency treatment and transportation to individuals who require medical services. The company also provides wheelchair transportation to patients who require such services. Mobile Medical Services is an organization designed and created to supplement services to currently over-taxed fire department emergency medical units. The mission statement for Mobile Medical Services reads: "Mobile Medical Services will provide professional and courteous emergency and non-emergency medical services and transportation to all citizens in an efficient and effective manner. 

Marketing research is an extremely vital component of the marketing plan and subsequent success of any organization. Marketing research is defined as procedures to develop and analyze new information to help marketing managers make decisions. Marketing research must obtain accurate and current information. Once this has been established, the research can be trusted by man

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