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Why I want to be a Teacher

             As I began my sophomore year of high school, I struggled with the question of what to do when I got out of high school. I pondered the thought of majoring in science or maybe music performance, but had never really considered becoming a teacher. Little did I know that an experience that would change my life was just around the corner.
             When marching band season began I came to practice excited to be one of the two trumpet section leaders for the year. I was ready for the responsibility of assisting my other section leader, who was a senior at the time, in helping to prepare the section for the coming year. What I hadn't counted on however is the fact that I would have to be running a sectional for the first two practices while my co-section leader was finishing his season marching in DCI. From the time the announcement came that I would be leading the trumpet sectional for the night I was stricken with panic. "How can I lead a sectional? I don't know what I'm doing.  After some brief announcements from the director I walked into a room with 13 faces staring at me, waiting for me to teach them their music. Without much thought, I began to run a rehearsal similar to the way I had seen my director do many times before. I warmed them up with a few scales and then simply began to run through the music with them as if I had done it for years. The kids responded great, even commenting that I made some things easier to understand than even our director did. It was at this point that I had set my heart on becoming a high school band director.
             Ever since that moment in my life, teaching has been my one passion in life. I get a great rush when I can teach a student something and I see their eyes light up when they understand what you're telling them. Nothing is better to me than knowing that I have the ability to give something to a student that they may carry around for the rest of their li

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