Commentary on extract from The Getting of Wisdom

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COMMENTARY ON EXTRACT FROM "The Getting of Wisdom  by Kate Grenville

This extract is about a man called Douglas Cheeseman, a man who is very dissatisfied with himself and his life. The scene takes place in NSW, Karakarook, in a hotel called the Caledonian.

The extract is written in third person, and the narrator tells Douglas's story. The narrator tells the story in past tense, and tells it in limited omniscience where the descriptions of surroundings, and the way Douglas feels, is only told from Douglas's point of view, not any other characters.

The main theme of this extract is that of someone finding himself, someone who is really dissatisfied with himself and his life. Throughout the whole passage we just keep getting re-enforcements of how Douglas is so unhappy with his life, how nothing goes right, and how he's hiding from life.

The tone in this passage continuously changes. It starts off with mockery. He mocks his ex-wife and her magazine using the word amusing repeatedly. The tone then changes into a dry, slow tone, a life-less tone. The narrator describes what Douglas sees with verbs that drag us down like lifeless, empty, pale sky, dark, straggling, dusty, slowly, g

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