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Fictional Narrative

            A farm in the Hudson Valley of New York brings back Gwen’s earliest memories.
             Here, the fields are rolling in green, the mountains always in the horizon, a never ending stream of people going in and out of the front door and her life, a great place to live.
             Gwen remembers sleeping on a small green Army cot in her parent’s bedroom, at the age of four. She remembers being terrified of the skeletons in the closet, and the bad dreams that stemmed from them. Her father routinely sprayed the house with “Skeleton Spray” that smelled uncannily like Glade Country Fresh air freshener. Even to this day neither Gwen nor her older sister can stand the smell of that. On the not so rare occasion that the cute little four year old stayed up all night worrying about the dreaded skeletons, her Grandpa would come over in the morning and have a pancake fit. One day all of this changed, forcing Gwen to move away from her beloved home. .
             The move to Jonesboro, Georgia was an interesting one for Gwen and her sister, Danielle. In Georgia they both realize where their real home will always be. Life in New York differs greatly from the way people live in Georgia. In New York families are often seen sitting in a booth at a bar with all the bikers oohing and ahhing over the children. In these bars Gwen learned a lot about life and was sought after like a rare ’54 Harley Davidson. It is there that they have all the “uncles” they could ever ask for. It is also there that they get free Shirley Temples served to them by their two bartender aunts, Val and Wendy, whenever they please. Gwen’s grandmother does not approve of these outings, but this is probably because she was raised to act the way a proper rich girl should. But Gwen’s grandfather does not mind at all. After all, it is not every day that he gets to see his favorite granddaughter. .
             To this day Gwen’s friends seem shocked when she tells them about the way she grew up.