Pride in Cultures: Good, Bad or Both?

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An ancient proverb reads, "Peace begets prosperity; Prosperity begets pride; Pride begets prejudice; Prejudice begets war; War begets poverty.  Pride can keep us together and tear us apart at the very same time. While pride is beneficial for the self-esteem of cultures, nations, as well as individuals, too much of it can have very harmful consequences. In this paper I will contrast and compare both the positive and negative aspects of pride and reveal its affects on different cultures.

First, I will discuss cultural pride. In some cultures, showing pride is almost mandatory, in order to illustrate one's love and appreciation for their ancestors. Two prideful cultures that stand out in my mind are Italian and Puerto Rican. Both have immense pride for their ethnicities and love to proclaim it. Colorful reproductions of their flags decorate everything from cars to jewelry. Being Italian-American myself, I can attest for the often over-done ornamentation of my culture, in particular. They don their red, white, and green clothing and display artwork of Italian landmarks in their houses.

There are many reasons as to why cultures take pride in their countries. One of them is that without whatever accomplishments their a

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